UH vs Tulane - Doubleheader Saturday (G1: W 12-7) (G2: L 9-7 in 10)

(Patrick) #21

All tied up now.

(Tom Green) #22

ooops 5-5. ridiculous.

(Tom Green) #23

You sure this isn’t Big Red Machine — 1975 back in my heyday!!

(Tom Green) #24

Rose, Morgan, Bench, Perez, Foster, …. it never stopped.

(Patrick) #25

Going to be a long night with these two going at it twice tonight. Lot of runs, lot of pitchers.

(Patrick) #26

Bottom 3rd

Cherry bomb…Coogs lead 6-5

T4…UH leads 6-5

(Patrick) #27

Top 4th

Leadoff double, 1 out single scores a run…Tied 6-6

That’s it for Lockhart, Bretz on to pitch.

Bretz gives up a single, but Bielo guns the runner at 3rd. Lovelace then catches the runner stealing.

M4…Tied 6-6

(Tom Green) #28

I shut just audio down, check back in couple hrs. Just don’t see how our bats can stay w Tulane bats.
Maybe Coogs win this 17-16 !!:grinning:

(Patrick) #29

(Patrick) #30

Top 7th

1 out homer by Hoese…Green Wave leads 7-6

With 2 outs Bretz is done…Villarreal on to pitch

M7…Tulane leads 7-6

(Tom Green) #31

Tulane leads not Coogs. :neutral_face:

(Patrick) #32

I was hoping that it would change it. Guess not. Fixed it.

(Tom Green) #33

hehe. why not walk Hoese w nobody on , like teams did to Joe Davis earlier in year when he was so hot.

(Tom Green) #34

Bretz pitched too well to not get rewarde against that line-up

(Patrick) #35

Bottom 7th

2 out singles by Davis and Cherry put runners on the corners. Tulane finally goes to the bullpen.

Bielo Single Tied it up, Cherry to 2nd…Tied 7-7

T8…Tied 7-7

(Patrick) #36

(Patrick) #37

Bottom 8th

Way leads off with a HBP, Hyland bunts him to 2nd. Lovelace walk. New pitcher on for Tulane.

Triolo double scores both runners…Coogs lead 9-7

Burckel single scores Triolo (barely)…Coogs lead 10-7

Davis HBP, Burckel to 2nd. Cherry single loads the bases. Bielo walks scores Burckel…Coogs lead 11-7

New pitcher for Tulane. Wild pitch scores Davis, other two runners move up…Coogs lead 12-7

T9…UH leads 12-7

(Ben B) #38

let’s actually hold this five-run lead this time.

(Patrick) #39

Top 9th

Villarreal back out

  • K swinging
  • single
  • 5-4-3 double play

COOGS WIN 12-7!!!

45 minutes until the next game.

(Patrick) #40