UH vs Tulane - Doubleheader Saturday (G1: W 12-7) (G2: L 9-7 in 10)

(Tom Green) #81

They may cont tomorrow

(Patrick) #82

That was my thought

(Patrick) #83

Davis got tossed when he went back out to the field.

(Patrick) #84

Top 10th

Villarreal on to pitch.

Leadoff walk. Sac bunt, but runner beats the throw to 2nd. 1st/2nd no outs. HBP loads the bases. Single scores a run…Green Wave leads 6-5

Sac fly to left…Green Wave leads 7-5

Balk moves runners to 2nd/3rd. Rooney pulls Villarreal for Hurdsman.

Single scores 2 more…Green Wave leads 9-5

Flyout to left, runner leaves early and is out.

M10…Tulane leads 9-5


What did he do ?


I knew it was that or coach pulled him, wasn’t sure which.

(Tom Green) #87

Everybody needs to go home. Should have called it after 9. Bring them back 1hr b4 start of gm3

(Patrick) #88

Said something to the home plate ump as he was going to 1st after striking out.

(Tom Green) #89

Well here we go . Lead off walk

(Patrick) #90

Means Davis is out for tomorrow’s game.


Whooaa didn’t know this rule - huuuge loss

(Tom Green) #92

Oh Villareal. I better call it a night. Wheww.

(Tom Green) #93

Yep, just like in football when you get ejected

(Patrick) #94

Freddy should not be in this game right now. Already pitched in Game 1. We have more than 3 pitchers in the bullpen.


We shouldn’t be playing this late - feel for the student athletes

(Tom Green) #96

Good night Gents!


When you have the lrad going into the 9th you gotta want it more than life itself, or otherwise you deserve to lose.

(Patrick) #98

And now you pull Villarreal after he gives up two runs for Hurdsman? Why not just start the inning with Hurdsman? Now you lose Freddy for tomorrow when you’ve already thrown Bretz and Roedahl extended innings today.

I’m ok with Rooney, but his reliance on 2-3 guys in the bullpen is maddening. Did this last season too. We’ve got depth out there, use it.


Preach on, we were saying the same thing.


I am out, good night fellow Coogs