UH vs Tulane - Game 3 - Sunday @ 2 pm (W 5-2)

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So if I can do the math - if UH wins 2 out of 3 at UCF - a big if, then they finish with the same record as Cincy and own the tiebreaker (given the Tulane missed game it does not appear they can cause a 3 way tie), Again, if UH goes 2 of 3 vs. UCF - then they will finish with a better record than Tulane only if Tulane loses at least 2 of 3 -

My impression is that the at large to the NCAA tourney prospects are just that close. I can easily count five games along the way that in my humble opinion the team has given away - but I guess every team feels the same.

The beauty and nightmare of baseball - every play, decision, bounce of the ball will be magnified from here through selection Sunday.

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AWEsome series win!!! When does the RPI come out

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We’re 36 right at this moment. This website is a pretty good place for it.



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Good series win, Tulane was good enough to take a game at ECU so I came into the weekend happy with the possibility of taking 2/3. Playing those 2 games on Saturday was real tough on the pitching (but probably necessary to get 3 games in).

That Kody Hoese on Tulane is a stud. Best hitter we’ve certainly seen up to this point from any opponent. Absurd combo of ability to hit for contact and power. Near certainty he’s a first round draft pick of someone in June. I was impressed with their freshman Hudson Haskin too. If he develops he’ll be another Hoese. Their lineup was pretty good top to bottom. My Lord though, that pitching staff is lousy. Its pretty remarkable how bad Tulane’s coach Jewett has been at bringing in any good pitching. Usually there isn’t such a stark difference between pitching and hitting.

Even in the loss we hit pretty well and I was going to be concerned if we couldn’t hit against the league’s worst (or at best 2nd worst) staff. Derrick Cherry was so valuable this weekend, especially with Joe still kind of scuffling at the plate. Cherry’s over 100 college at-bats now and if anything looks even more comfortable at the plate. I’ll be the first to admit the last 2 recruiting classes have had fewer impact guys than I am used to, but Cherry is gonna be really good.

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• Cherry turned in his second straight three-hit effort, finishing 3-for-4 with two RBI and one run scored.
• Lockhart Jr. turned in a 2-for-4 effort with one RBI.
• Triolo was 1-for-3 with one walk and two runs scored, while Padgett was 1-for-2 with one walk and one run scored.
• Hyland recorded an RBI double in the seventh inning in a 1-for-3 showing.
• Bielamowicz executed some small ball with an RBI sacrifice bunt in the eighth inning.

• Senior right-handers Ryan Randel and Nolan Bond combined to go the distance on Senior Day.
• Randel (4-2) picked up his fourth win of the season. He held the Green Wave scoreless for the first seven innings before being levied for two unearned runs in the eighth. Randel surrendered just three runs while walking three and striking out five over a career-long seven and one-third innings.
• Bond issued just one hit over the final five outs to record the first save of his career.

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