UH wants to gain national softball respect

(Patrick) #1

Coach Ves is perfect for this program and this school. She’s a fighter and pushes hard for excellence.

At the time, Vesely said her first college head coaching job would be a “blank canvas,” and she’s kept her word with a makeover of the program that includes everything from facility improvements to recruiting a specific type of player to fit a more aggressive, throw-out-the-book style of play.

Perhaps that’s why the Cougars’ mantra this season is, “Nothing to lose.” UH has wins over ranked opponents Mississippi and Baylor and narrowly lost to top-10 programs Texas A&M and Oregon.

“Personally, as a coach, I have a chip on my shoulder,” Vesely said. “I think the fact people kind of count us out, that we are not a Power Five (school), that to me discredits the amount of work the girls have done and the amount of work the athletic department has done, and the national publicity we’ve had in other sports.”