UH's Schroeder Park the place to be Friday

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The 3,410 in the stands were at least 90 percent red, with Astros shirts and hats battling traveling Hawkeyes fans for second place. With the Astros in Arlington, Schroeder Park became a baseball destination this weekend. Standing-room-only tickets were added to accommodate the faithful.

Man, that was fun to read. Just a downer that such a crowd had to witness a first game defeat.

It was a fun atmosphere and there was an electricity going through the crowd all the way up until the end of the 7th when the Coogs stranded the two runners on 2nd/3rd with 1 out.

Thought this was funny too as I walked by this trailer a bunch of times:

“This is an amazing crowd in here,” said Yurachek, who watched the Cougars’ first-round opener like a fan, surveying the field from a seat near the home dugout. “I’ve talked to some of the old-timers that have had season tickets in this park since the day it opened, and they said there’s never been a crowd like this in here.”

Ummm, we drew 3400 for Iowa. We’ve had at least 7 crowds over 4000.

The San Jose St Super Regional games were bigger and louder crowds.


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