Un-American Conference Tournament Talk


Before we get too many threads started for individual games, I’m trying to get out ahead of this and start one thread for all non-AAC (i.e., Un-American) tourney games of interest.

Nebraska just pulled off a pretty big win against Maryland and the finish to Florida State’s victory over VA Tech was awesome.


I’ve loved the first part of this week…tournament championship games each night for the mid/mini-major leagues. Lots of fun!

I propose a six week mandatory America-wide paid time off period during the March Madness holiday. It’s only sensible and could possibly get someone elected into the White House if running with that platform. :slight_smile:

(Grant) #3

Tech down 13 midway thru the first against WVU.


wvu winning has 2 seed and national coach of the year implications

(Ricky ) #5

Anyone else see Indiana is projected to make the field at 17-15?

(Tom Green) #6

TXTech down 9 at Half

(J V ) #7

You may want to change the title of the thread to non-American tournament games.

Un-American is not the same. Thought someone burned a flag at a tournament…i kid.

(Grant) #8

Cmon Huggy Bear!!

Tech down 14 just about midway second half.

(Grant) #9

Tech is just too much. Take a 1 point lead with 90 seconds to play.

(Grant) #10

Wow. WVU answers. Up 4 with 30 seconds.

Culver gets an and one to cut it back to 1 with 20 seconds left. WVU ball.

WVU on the line up 3 with 9 seconds left. Shooter hits them both. And that should do it.

Thanks WVU! First Dana now knocking out Tech!!


WVU hangs on!


Wow…down goes Tech.

FTs so important …WV only misses two all game I think.


lol at texas tech…lmao!..

(Dustin K) #14

You would have to change tax day.


You can always do your taxes during the commercials. Problem solved. :grin:

(zx504) #16

Need the “doing less with more” Shorties to lose!

(Ben) #17

Tech’s loss helps our chances of playing in Tulsa. Just have to take care of business in our tournament.


And I’m surprised at how avg KU looks. A lot of mental breakdowns on D. UT just isn’t good enough to take advantage.

The last 4 minutes in this game have been brick city by both teams.


anyone catch the Duke game tonight? Zion is back from the injury…and Duke just rolled over syracuse, thanks to zion…duke is a very sloppy team, but they have so much talent…the coogs are far more disciplined and play much tighter…but the talent is just not there, at least compared to duke…

(Matt Jackson) #20

Zion is ridiculous…let’s see how Duke looks vs UNC tonight, but they aren’t my pick to win it all right now. That being said, I could see an All ACC Final Four. UNC, Duke, UVA, FSU, VTech, and Louisville all have Final 4 potential.

The Big 12 is SOOOO overrated. If there was any justice, UT/OU/TCU would all be staying home. None of those teams are any good. Kansas is going to lose in the 1st round of the dance, BOOK IT!!!

Tech dropped to #9 in Ken Pom (UH currently at #13). ESPN BPI still hates the Cougars…as does Sagarin…F that nerd.