Just got back from the game. If we play like this next week vs Zona we will get our boots smoked. DC needs to freaking coach better and the offensive playcalling needs to improve. No excuses.


-Stevenson is a beast. Hope he is fully healthy because he will have a breakout year
-DL (Oliver and Chambers) is going to wreck havoc this season

Bad 1st and 2nd quarters. Good 3rd and 4th.

Win by 18 in the first game of the season.


When you score 45 points, offensive play calling is not the problem.


Come on man. Enjoy the win. Go outside. Be grateful. The offense cake-walked once they settled down. Look at TOP.


did you see the first half?

We have come a LONG way now that we are complaining about 18 point wins.


Yeah I watched the whole game. Lots of powerhouses struggled this week before winning against inferior opponents.

Do we need to improve? Of course. But I am going to be in the moment enjoy the win and enjoy my weekend. I hope you will too.


2nd half we got see Briles offense at work. The defense needs work!!!


Of all of our big name transfers, only Chambers impressed me.


We make halftime adjustments and give up 3 points in second half. I am happy.


Ahhh yes, the Coogfans complaining after a win. I always forget about that.


Right. It’s the first game. You often have strange outcomes. I remember in the first game in 2006 we beat Rice by a point thanks to a blocked extra point. We won C-USA that year. In Happy Valley, Penn State just went ahead of Appalachian State about halfway through the third quarter. USC is up by only five at half against UNLV. No question we saw some real issues in this game, but I’m really not surprised that it took the offense a half to get untracked. I do have concerns about the defense. We have too much talent to give up so many points and yards to Rice. It seemed as if they always had whatever play they needed to get a first on third down. And we can’t miss 25-yard field goals and PATs. Sure, I have concerns, but I do feel better after the second half. But we need to start utilizing all the talent we have on defense. We’re too good on that side of the ball to give up about 450 yards to Rice and what would have been 30 points had they made a short field goal.


UCF with a first year hc game out the gate swinging vs uconn…just sayin

Darrion Owens went out in the first quarter. He had ice on his knee.

A new offense doesn’t magically gel overnight. Remember the R&S was hot garbage for most of 1987. And Dana didn’t get the Air Raid humming for a good portion of 2008.

What we saw in the second half was a bunch of first rate adjustments made by Kendal at halftime. And the defense gave up exactly 3 points in the second half.

All in all, there’s plenty to fix, but plenty to be excited about.

All that said, if Bryson Smith keeps returning punts, I’m going to have an aneurysm.


First half was ugly, but.there are two halves and UH dominated the second. Plus TU lost so smile and enjoy the win.


C’mon man. Playing like crap the first game of the season is normal. Huge difference between speed at practice versus speed in the game. Always a good sign when you play like s>@t and still win by 18 on the road.


We scored 14 points in each of the last 3 quarters.
Do that in the first quarter and we have a 56 point game.

We had 567 yards of Total Offense in Briles’ first game.

I am taking this game and hope for many more wins.


Did you know there are 2 halves? I saw a great coach make adjustments. But you go ahead and focus on the first half if it makes you feel better.

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like the times in 2013 when we complained about struggling to beat bad teams at 6-1 with okorn (only beat teams with losing records)…only to find out that those concerns were validated by losing to every good team that came after

good times :grinning:

oh course i know its 2 half. it still was a win that i have a right to complain about. if we play like this against any aac team with a pulse we are losing.

…and which great coach are you talking about? clearly you not calling applewhite one.

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