He was originally committed to UH?

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As a PWO I think. Wish him well, hes a fantastic kicker.

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He’s good. I was wondering why he didn’t sign early.

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KJ Costello is also on his way to Mississippi State

He’s a PWO so nothing to sign.


Does holgerson give scholarship to Kickers?

His mom was on here posting.

A lot


Makes sense

PWO at Miss St as well

Didn’t he already decommitt when we got another kicker?

Are you talking about Ruiz? or the punter from Australia?

darn I was going to enjoy having his mom on the boards for 4 years


I am talking about the kicker, not the punter.

As far as I know:
We have Witherspoon and Ramsey on the team
We have Wilkens, the punter from Australia who recently signed and is on campus now.
We have a PWO offer to Ruiz
If we have another offer out there, i don’t remember it


They’re a cellar dweller in the SEC. Since 2003, we’re 3-1 against them.
Is it worth living in Mississippi?

…and, the academics are not superior, either.

Whatevs…Good luck to the kid. May he have a great collegiate career.

I remember the last time Miss St. came to Cullen Blvd. Their fans had several RVs parked outside by Wednesday before the game. If nothing else, they’re serious about football and support their team even when they suck.

Those god awful cowbells though…