UNC Scandal(s)


Saying that none of the coaches is charged may be technically correct but there is the LOIC charge. The first member of the institution that is supposed to know and control this kind of stuff is the head coach. Roy Williams moved all of his players out of majoring in AFAM after 2005 I believe. Why would he do that if he didn’t know? Even if he just suspected something he is obligated under NCAA rules to report it to the AD or compliance office.

Coaches will be suspended over this. I wouldn’t be shocked by a show cause either.

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Regarding the scandal hearings were in August. We are now in October. It seems like the U.N. works faster than the ncaa when it comes to major P5’s.


8-12 Weeks is the normal time between COI hearings and penalty announcements. Given the almost certainty of a lawsuit by the CHeaters, the NCAA will do an exhaustive legal review of their findings and penalties before anything get s released. This doesn’t have anything to do with P5 or G5. It is strictly related to the arrogance and dishonesty of the guilty that has refused to admit they have cheated.


Sanctions and report will be posted at Noon tomorrow ET to be followed by a teleconference featuring the COI.


Release date pushed back due to a capital campaign kick off previously scheduled by the CHeaters

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Little said UNC coach Roy Williams has insinuated to him that the Tar Heels won’t receive a significant punishment from the NCAA. He said that Williams has not told him of the specific punishment, but told him generally: “It’s not necessarily an athletic thing,” he said Williams told him. “It wasn’t just the basketball team involved in it. They’re not going to be penalized as people suggest.”


The football coaches were telling recruits the same thing before the 2011 penalties came down. There was a plea bargain in place at the time the second NOA was released and UNC-CHeat didn’t want to accept those penalties so they backed out. Do you really think they will get even lighter penalties after the tougher language was restored to the NOA? Roy Williams is misleading this kid but making sure there’s enough wiggle room in his language to avoid a bald face lie.

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“It is equally important to be clear what this case is not about,” the enforcement staff wrote. "This case is not about so-called fake classes or easy courses. The institution acknowledges that although the courses at issue did not meet its expectations for academic rigor, the institution did not deem the courses to be fraudulent. Nor is this case about NCAA review of classroom curriculum. The institution continues to argue that the NCAA enforcement staff should not judge academic rigor or revisit classroom decisions. The enforcement staff continues to agree and feels strongly that those considerations are reserved to the sound discretion of individual schools and their accrediting agencies. Nothing in this case suggests otherwise.”


Basketball Kick Off Party tomorrow night in Cheaterville. This should dampen the celebration a tad.

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What a crock of BS

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What a joke. This is an embarrassment


No real reason for the NCAA to exist if this is how they deal with fraud on this scale. The university admitted to academic fraud and was sanctioned for it by SACS and the NCAA refuses to use that evidence to establish academic fraud. Total joke

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I just sent this to my brother in law. He played LB at Virgina.
The ncaa is a fucking disgrace (sorry about the vulgarity)NC cheats and gets off free of charge.
The ncaa has no credibility. Some in the past got the death penalty for paying a player. There they have fake classes. This is a disgrace. That also means that other P5 Schools can do whatever they want. The ncaa won’t punish them. They protect them. The P5 cartel tells the ncaa what to do.
Virginia is a top notch University and plays by the rules. They should sue the ncaa and NC cheats. Where is the ACC in this? They should kick out UNCheats immediately. Every ACC member should be appalled by this. What a disgrace.

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I am sorry everyone to have reacted like this but I am upset. Not that I had faith in the ncaa but this goes at the very core of college sports.
Remember when Dexter Manley could not read but went to okie state? Nothing has changed. We get the death penalty. The P5’s get a wink.
The FBI is after illegal payments? Where are they when it comes to fake education? These public Universities get public funds. Why should they?

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North Carolina ruling proves NCAA is useless

If you can’t hit a school for the infraction that strikes most deeply at the mission of higher education, what good are you? Especially when that infraction was committed over a period of 18 years, by so many athletes. Including athletes who played on the school’s most celebrated teams (10 Tar Heels from the ’05 title team were African and Afro-American Studies majors).

“I think you can make the case that it’s a low ebb for the organization,” said one high-ranking college athletics official. “What’s it in business to do? I think it’s in a sense, by process of elimination, an organization that’s reduced itself to only being able to conduct championships.”