Undefeated or bust


no other option


yes…’’'true that!"


Sounds good to me.

Who dat goin to beat the Coogs?


While fun for an off season thread that is an unreasonable expectation.

Win the AAC West and play in the AAC Championship game is more like it IMHO.


I just want to win all the games we’re supposed to win. That, in itself, gets us 10 wins this year in my opinion.

(PMM) #6

Well, we supposed to win all the games last year except USF (according to Vegas)…

…How’d that work out. Best of my knowledge, CMA is still the coach !


That’s exactly my point. Last year was so disappointing because we lost games we should have won. Now we don’t even have to exceed expectations to have a great year, which is wildly different from just 15 years ago.

CMA is still the coach, but this year we’ll have a brilliant offensive mind actually calling the plays. If our defense just stays the same and doesn’t regress, we should have 3 more wins than we had last year.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

Changes have been made. You can be guaranteed that if CMA doesn’t win at least 9 games, Fertitta leads a campaign to replace CMA. Even with 9 wins, he could still be on the way out.

(Mike Higdon) #9

You guys act like we are the only school that has improved. Other schools have been recruiting well and upgrading their coaching staffs as well, Plus, you never know which kid hits his maturity spike, both physically and mentally, and has a break away season.

(Alfred Matthews) #10

no excuses. i wont say “undefeated or bust” but we better make at least the aac title game this season.

(Mark) #11

Look what it took in 2011 to call an undefeated season and not look like an idiot - a weak CUSA and nothing short of the greatest pro QB UH has ever produced coming back for a sixth year.

We still lost a game.


Who are you and what have you done with Mr.13-0?


SOUTHERN MISS wasn’t a “weak team” as they where ranked like we were in the top 25…We lost the game because Coach Sumlim agreed to take the Texas A & M job and he didn’t care if we won the game or not…he was there in Body…but his mind and heart was already at Texas A & M and you could see it with the way he coached that game…even Case Keenum screamed at Sumlin because he wanted to kick the ball on an easy 4th and 1 play that Case knew we could have gotten and Sumlin would have normally gone for…had he cared even a bit for.


Excuses for losses are still losses. So. Miss didn’t squeak by UH, they beat us from start to finish. Players have to perform, they didn’t. So Miss didn’t beat us in their stadium, they beat us in ours. We had a home crowd. We were favored to win. There was a championship to play for and So Miss wanted it more than we did. Larry Fedora out coached Sumlin. That alone should have given A&M pause. Overall it was an epic fail by UH.


You know that Texas A&M wanted Houston to lose that game. Imagine if UH won and then went on the beat Michigan in the Sugar Bowl.


If the meddling didn’t happen…we could have WON that game…Regardless, our coach was distracted and didn’t care, period!