Underdog Dynasty - Picks to Win the Conference

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So I think that by mid to late October McKenzie Milton will not be “hands down the best quarterback in the conference” if King stays healthy.


@section230rocks beat me to it. I’m amazed at how many of these guys are downplaying King given how well he performed last year and the fact that he will be running a Briles offense this year. This is my favorite quote:

Eric Henry: UCF. To put it simply, the Knights have McKenzie Milton and the rest of the conference doesn’t. Ed Oliver is the best player in the conference. However, he’s not a quarterback and Milton will have a greater impact on his teams success than Oliver. I think the Knights offense will be even more lethal than last season. The only issue is there’s only one football. With that being said, Houston or Memphis shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It should also be mentioned (and it hasn’t been anywhere yet) that McKenzie Milton hasn’t had to face Ed Oliver yet.


Yep. And unless they can make it back to the championship game to play us, he never will. Even better, D-line is deep according to coach Blum. Naturally, Ed is in a class by himself, but even when he’s out, our D-line will be a normal level of awesome, I think.

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I have no issue with Milton being the preseason “hands down best qb” He was last year, and he’s back. No reason to bump him yet. Now King and maybe others might have something to say about it during the season. But right now there’s no reason to take the title away.

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Milton is a beast but it will be interesting to see how he does with a whole new coaching staff.

also Milton has faced oliver. he faced them 2 seasons ago when both men were freshmen.


You are correct. Good catch. Went back and looked at the box score on that one. Milton was 19/33 for 155 yards with 2 INTs, a lost fumble and a QBR of 20.1. Oliver had 5 tackles (4 solo), 3.5 TFL and 2 QB hurries. Milton is obviously better now than then, but his first taste of EO wasn’t a good one.

Also of note in that 31-24 comeback win, Shaquem Griffin was an absolute beast that game. 14 tackles (12 solo), 2.5 sacks, 3 TFL, a fumble recovery and an INT. Geez!


Let 'em sleep on King


I’m absolutely happy to let them sleep on King. I just have no idea why they are other than they are uninformed. We’ll see.


Beat Tulane first.

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