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Good site to follow undrafted free agent signings:

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Wooooo! Yay Greg!


Steven Taylor will make an NFL roster.

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Can’t believe (well, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised) that the Texans haven’t picked up any local UH talent.


Think this means he doesn’t have a guaranteed contract; Texans are inviting him in for a tryout. Lee Hightower had a similar deal last year. Hightower ended up not signing with the Texans, but did get picked up by the Packers for training camp.

yes some get signed, while others are invited for tryout. Singleton has also been invited to Chiefs camp for try out. If they sign you, then part of 90 man roster I believe is # for Pro camps through summer. then they have to officially cut you b4 going somewhere else for look.

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How many players were draft eligible vs how many were picked up by teams? Is anyone aware?

If you look at several different draft ratings, the Texans did very well from start to finish. If you look where the Cougars that got drafted went, the Texans would have had to pick them a round earlier to get them. If the Texans picked someone and then two or three teams later, a Cougar got picked, you may have a point.

As far as free agent signings, you will have to ask the players themselves if they received any calls for Houston.

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Thanks for sharing! Good info here!

Surprised Steven Taylor hasn’t been signed yet. Hope it isn’t like last year with Trevon Stewart.


Didn’t Taylor also have disappointing pro day numbers like Stewart? Hopefully not, but may be a case of another guy who is a great college player, but just doesn’t project to the NFL.

I’m not even sure Taylor was there for Pro Day.


Lance said it on 790, but I didn’t believe it Steven Taylor just isn’t a NFL athlete. Figured he would still get a shot in a camp, but maybe not.

I heard Chance Allen is signing a contract with the Eagles.

Taylor’s measured at 6’0 228 at the pro day which is safety size and ran a 4.85 without participating in any other drills.

Good instincts, but that won’t get him to the next level with those measurables. Also, his performance could be a by-product of who he played with: 5 DBs, 3 LB, 3 DL in NFL Camps plus Matt Adams, Ed Oliver, etc.

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