Uniforms for USF game

(Patrick) #1

This is different

(CoogNation_14) #2

Ugly IMO. Also we have lost every game with that decal


we need to pick a home and road uniform and stick to it. What are we, fashonistas that can’t wear the same outfit twice.

(Jerrycoog) #4

White on red or white on white is fine. I don’t like the white on gray at all.


False. We beat Tulane last year with it.

(Eric Prado) #6

Is this the first time we alternate red and white with uniform and helmet?

(Brad) #7

Looks like the uniforms this week were determined by a monkey throwing darts. Very fitting to the season.


I dig the shirts and pants, but not a fan of the otter-coog helmet

(CoogNation_14) #9

:rofl: I’ve become so negative.haha All I want is a win, we can wear that mustard combo that the Rams wear if we win out.


What, no comments yet from the “blue” birds? j/k


How much money would be saved if we had a home uniform and an away uniform. Just two uniforms. I would like red helmet with white UH logo, red jersey and white pants for home and same except white jersey for away games.

(Patrick) #12

Profiled on ESPN this morning:


Ugly as hell. But will look way better if we win.


The logo on the helmet is bad.

(CoogNation_14) #15

Actually be that would look really good with a charcoal helmet. :thinking:

(Patrick) #16

That’s my opinion as well.

(WRB) #17

Charcoal helmet…yep.


I think they look great. I think it’s going to look awesome.


maybe could have gone with existing white helmets with those charky decals


Looks like someone forgot to do the laundry.