University of Houston: A Group of 5 school with Power 5 expectations

Expect more from D’eriq King.
Houston may have brought in Tennessee graduate transfer, Quenton Dormandy – but make no mistake; this is D’eriq’s team. Think of Quenton more as an insurance policy, if King were to succumb to injury. Regardless of the baggage that follows Coach Briles, one cannot ignore the fact that the man knows how to run an offense and what he’s done with quarterbacks of similar athleticism to King is promising. Briles style is: uptempo / wide gaps in the offensive line / run the ball to set up the pass / spread the defense out using four (or more) fast WRs, from sideline to sideline & simple routes / get the ball out quick. This is, quite possibly, going to be exactly what sends D’eriq King over the top as a passer.


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