University of Houston back at work to fix defense

“They fully expected to win, prepared to win and were ticked off that they didn’t win,” Applewhite said. “That’s your response as a coach Sunday. Who’s going to walk through the door, and what are they selling?

“When you look at their body language, how they approach practice, and how they come to meeting, they were irritated and wanted to win. You saw clenched jaws and a bunch of guys that wanted to go to practice. You didn’t see them on the sideline in yellow jerseys saying they were hurt. You saw guys who couldn’t move their arms because they played (100) snaps on defense going out to practice.”

CMA is FULL of coachspeak.

You get the impression that he has a Roladex with all of the standard statements listed.

How about stating that the DC better get his act together !!!


Probably what he is thinking but the wrong way to approach it. That discussion should happen in private.


Or he could read about it on cougfans :sunglasses:.

No shortage of experts on here, me being one of them !


If Applewhite really wants to “fix” our defense, he might consider getting a new Defensive Coordinator!


Pat, I am pretty sure he has already considered that.

Not so sure.

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I would like to see improved tackling and see where they go from there. Not saying the DC should not be let go at end of season. There is a basic fundamental in tackling that appears to be missing.

Clearly my high school football experience makes me immensely qualified.


I would have much more appreciated a stern silent reply a la Belichick than telling us that our guys are pissed & want to get to practice to get it corrected. A “We have issues that we need to correct” would have been the perfect reply & leave it at that. Getting 63 points scored against us is black & white. In case our guys can’t match up, tackle or execute that means we have an even bigger problem. That would mean the players & Coaches are inept. Getting in shape mentally & physically to tackle starts in the Spring. I have no clue what type of program was put together to be better at it. It is time for CMA to speak less. Silence speaks volume & can sometimes be a great motivator.

Aren’t you being too hard on
Coach Roladex :sunglasses:.

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