University of Houston bowl projections: Week 6


I would be okay with the Frisco Bowl if we get to play Colorado (PAC 12)

(Jay C.) #2

If not the Peach Bowl as the G5 rep, Frisco vs. Pac-12 would be next best realistic option to me.

(Bryant Hargrave) #3

Frisco vs. Colorado = not bad, Frisco Bowl with the MAC= super lame

(Patrick) #4

Only way we’d get Colorado is if 9 teams are eligible from the Pac-12 or 8 teams are eligible and the Pac-12 misses the playoffs. Of course, Colorado just lost at home against Arizona so there’s no guarantee that they’ll be bowl eligible.


Too early in the season, and too much football yet to be played, to not still be dreaming about NY6 bowl.

(Cary) #6

Wait… What? So we should be dreaming about NY6?


I suppose it beats talking about the Birmingham or Frisco Bowls. But just by a little.

(Mark) #8

Maybe some bowl will come out of nowhere like last year.

(J V ) #9

Frisco over bham if that is the choice.

(Cary) #10

Houston could fill that stadium with their fans all by themselves.

(Patrick) #11

Yep, prefer not to play in a soccer stadium.

(Cary) #12

It is a nice stadium. I have been there for seminars in the club and to games for FC Dallas. We just travel really well typically and it seats 20k.

(Patrick) #13

That’s fine, just prefer not to play in a soccer stadium. Bad memories of playing in BBVA and the turf there.

(Jim Fletcher) #14

I’d like another shot at Colorado after our Bluebonnet Bowl loss to them in another lifetime. They had a great RB in Charles Davis and we had Robert Newhouse. We fell behind but were on the comeback, had just made a defensive stop and fell victim to a fake punt which completely changed the course of the game.


Other than size most soccer stadiums are fine. The problem with BBVA is it was designed and built to block any breeze from getting to the field which makes it a h**l hole to play in.

(James Duncan) #16

Just looked it up - Dec 31 1971 only matchup vs the Buffs losing 17-29.

Would be a great opponent.

(Mark Jacob) #17

Nice long drive. When you finally hit Dallas, just keep going another hour. It’s way north. Go Coogs!


The drive is not too bad for me. When I’m going that way I still have two states to go when I get past Dallas. When I get to OKC I would think about being able to drive up in the morning, attend the game, spend the night, and drive back on Sunday.


Don’t think they could get a P5 team to play in a soccer stadium, just saying.