University of Houston student hands out donated bicycles in southwest Houston on

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On Monday afternoon, after most families celebrating Christmas had opened their presents, University of Houston student Eder Rodriguez arrived at one southwest Houston neighborhood driving a U-haul full of his favorite gift.

“I remember when I was a child, the one thing I wanted was a bike!” Rodriguez said. “Everybody wanted a bike!”

Rodriguez parked at a random apartment complex, and approached a random family.

“Quieres una bicicleta?” Rodriguez asked the father if his daughter would like a bike. “Great, I’ll go get it!”

In minutes, dozens of families flooded the U-Haul clamoring for their own. Rodriguez gave away 46 bikes at two locations.

“It means so much!” Rodriguez said. “I don’t know, it’s just, when you give, it just means so much. It means a lot!”

Rodriguez started his non-profit, “Talk, I listen,” earlier this year. He grew up in southwest Houston, and was eager to give back to his community.

He started by giving meals to the homeless, and the elderly. But he quickly realized that finding ways to serve less-fortunate children in Houston was his calling.