Up Tempo Offense In Store

FAU ran for 3990 yards last year, in 14 games.

Baylor ran for 4251 yards in 2015, in 13 games.


exactly, somehow coogs are getting long runs throughout the game, so hopefully that continues versus Tech

Agree. The up tempo becomes a problem when it’s not working…1st quarter vs Rice, 3rd quarter vs Arizona as examples.
Also CMA and CKB show no intention of running any clock which puts CMD in a tough spot…because if he plays man and teams trying to play catch up…the clock doesn’t move if you force incompletions, and you risk giving up quick scores. If you play zone …you give up short completions but clock moves. At some point common sense needs to come in and O needs run some clock instead throwing bombs when up by 35 points. Another thing I worry about is teams getting pissed about running it up…and trying to hurt Ed…playing dirty

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Agreed. I think they need to vary it by mixing it up. Go light speed, then slow it down. I’m still concerned by the offensive line, but I don’t think we have any true run stopping opponents this year. Being that CKB’s offense is built on the objective of making teams quit, it would make sense to ground and pound with tempo as this both keeps the clock moving and is the safest bet to pick up yards. We’ve just been fortunate enough to play two really bad secondaries so far.


They should attach conversion percentages next to those numbers. Some teams are going fast but are not moving the ball. I’m willing to bet Arizona is one of them. :joy::joy::joy:


Here’s Houston’s, which ranks 8th in all of college football.

Arizona comes in 81st at 5.0 YPP. UCF is #1 overall at 9.3 YPP and Boise State is #2 overall at 9.1 YPP


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What I saw of the UCF-UConn, the idea of UCF @ UH for the AAC Championship would be very entertaining.

I would say pretty good. Assuming we make a bowl game and it counts in the stats, 3000 yards comes out to an average of 231 yards per game. Right now we’re averaging 277 through 2 games. I think we will easily average 250 per game this year, which would total 3250.


Last year we avgd just 167y/g on the ground and weren’t in the top 50 in yards a game. If we avg above 250 this year, and like you I think we will, UH would be a top 10 rushing team (based on 2017 and 2016 end of season rankings).

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