Update from DeMarcus Ayers on his recovery from injury

dsmooth_15 10 Weeks Ago I was down & out after finding out I needed Surgery. After going through the procedure i could barely walk , use the bathroom , couldn’t workout , barely could eat , lost 10 pounds , and lost a lot of confidence in myself… I asked God why me ? Here I am 10 weeks of work in the books with more to go but , I’m back on my feet working out , eating right again , gained my weight back , & most importantly gained my confidence back ! I appreciate everyone who has supported me through the process! ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE IN REHAB :pray:t5:#NeverLoseFaith #TunnelVision #GodsPlan #comebackszn #Flight15​:airplane:️ :pray:t5:


Thank you for posting Patrick. Good news.

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