Updated indoor track coming to Alumni Center? (Confirmed)

(Cougarpad) #21

I responded to the same twitter thread that expanded spectator seating and concession space needs to be added also.

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UT new basketball center will have a similar arrangement with an arena developer.


Welcome to the new era of college athletic business.

(Patrick) #25


This is great news. One question. Is this track used? It looks dirty.

(Cougarpad) #27

I am hoping they are going to paint it once they get it all together. It was probably sitting in storage in pieces which means they can’t paint it until it is fully set up.

(Cougarpad) #28

The track does need a new paint job. It looks a little worn down but other than that it is looking great!

(Patrick) #29

It was used as the company transported it around and set it up where they would have races. However, the track had been sitting in storage and UH worked with them to donate it permanently.

It’ll be cleaned and probably painted once completed.


How much does a new one cost? I thought I read we paid 2 million for this one. I had no idea that 2 million wouldn’t buy you a new one. Still great news regardless.

(Cristian) #31

I read it was worth 2M as a donation. So like “A track worth 2M was donated to the University of Houston etc etc” i dont think it was used more than 2 seasons and storage has a way of making things look older than they are. A little wash and some red paint should make it look legit.


I’m not sure if they have enough time to paint the track since the first track meet is in 2 1/2 weeks. They will probably clean it now then wait after indoor season to paint it.

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Got invited to a meet and greet at the track on the 10th. Definitely going to try to make it.

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Not really a track person so I don’t understand the comment that the new indoor banked track is a “fast track”. I understand that a banked track would be faster than a flat track and that running the curve on a 200m track is a significant portion of the overall distance. But is this track faster than other banked tracks? The early results seem to be incredible. Or is our team that much more advanced than last season at this stage?
Thanks for any explanations.


Depending upon the set up, some banked tracks have a bit more “bounce” to them. That makes them slightly “faster”.

(Patrick) #40

This team is deeper than last year. Picking up Igbokwe, retaining Burke, Montgomery, Alexander, and more. We lost some good athletes, but the talent we’ve brought in for both the men and women is better.