Upon Renegotiating The PAC 12’s Media Contract

The contract runs out this year I believe. Do we stand pat with the B12, or answer the call of the PAC. It’s no secret they’ve been advised to expand into the CTZ, and it’s no secret UH ranks high on their list.


You follow TCUs example. You dont pass on the offer in hand, but in reality…if the PAC12 calls…you listen.

Still a long time till we play a game in the B12.

You know TT, TCU, etc would all jump immediately.


Are we looking to pay another much higher buy out from the ink still wet Big12-2-2+4 acceptance and another entry fee to the PAC12 before we receive any dollars from the BiG12 allocation?

If the PAC12 invites, run there and don’t look back. Good group of peer schools to be associated with and a fresh start for us.


Pac 12 is a no-brainer. More prestige. More stability. Cultural fit.


I would like to see the PAC add a pod of 4 Texas schools including UH, TCU, SMU, and TT.
However a more likely pod would be UH, TT, OSU, UK.
The Texas pod would allow for a better regional grouping than a B12 eastern division which might include UH, BU, OSU, WV, UC, UCF.

This is what I was curious about. Are we technically members of the B12 now and have to abide by pay outs?

Not sure about those payouts. Maybe they go into effect when we officially start play. Seems like it should be that way seeing as how we’re not receiving any B12 money yet. Did TCU have to buy out of the Big East when they jumped to the B12?

PAC teams have no interest in playing in Lubbock, no benefit to them.


Yes TCU paid a buyout

If the pac 12 offers you take it.


Let’s be real now…every single University in the Big 12 would jump ship if the other Power 5 conferences come calling. If the reports are correct about the PAC12 having UH as one of their top potential candidates, UH would not look back. PAC12 monopolizes Pacific Time games and will always be a stable conference… I don’t buy the rumors that USC & Oregon would go to the Big 10. Too many people are getting carried away with Universities that are way out of the geographical footprint…


Of course you go to PAC. This board definitely needs more Bill Walton!


What better options which include the Houston and Dallas market does the PAC HAVE. They need Central Time Zone, more viewing eyes, and a strong presence in Texas! Unless they go brain dead, the PAC will absolutely seek the Texas market!

So PAC12 two weeks ago had no interest in expanding…now all of the sudden UH gets B12 invite and word leaks that PAC12 is reaching out…riiiiggghhhtttttt…something smells fishy in Denmark

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I had a Cal alum tell me that the PAC12 is a mess. Not sure the Big XII is better.

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Man I couldn’t believe that article yesterday about UH being one of the Pac12’s choices should they expand.

Let’s just say I don’t think they’ll be expanding this year or next. But in 2023? Probably.

And I’d take that offer in an instant. Oregon, USC, UCLA, Stanford? Yes please.

We need to position ourselves well so that when they do expand we’re one of the choices. I’m happy we’re in the Big 12, but the PAC 12 is def more stable and has a need for us

The PAC bumped off a couple of the elite teams in the two supposedly most powerful conferences. UCLA over LSU and Oregon over Ohio State. To me, this sounds like a conference with plenty of clout left. They just need a little freshening up (CTZ Expansion) to get right back into the conversation. They’re just delaying expansion, giving teams a chance to pad their resumes, while they wait for new media rights negotiations.

I don’t see the Pac-12 having any interest in the religious wackos at Baylor.

Houston, Tech, Kansas & Oklahoma State make the most sense imo


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