Upset Alert Troy 17 LSU 0

(Brad) #1

It could be worse boys!


That’s what they get for firing Les Miles.

(Eric Prado) #3

What’s LSUs record? I’m too lazy to check

(Bill F.) #4


(J V ) #5

Coach O. Is going uh oh!


Troy Wins


Geaux Troy!!


Troy beats LSU in Death Valley…can not even imagine the meltdown coming in BR. will be epic


(Bryant Hargrave) #9

Tiger droppings in going to be a lot of fun


To me, LSU made the classic mistake programs often make-putting the highest priority on being a good recruiter and “one of their own” (he’s from the area) over actual on the field credentials (stud coordinator or up and coming head coach)

(gpropes) #11

That looked a lot like that game where we got Gerry DiNardo fired. We went in there, beat them up, and took their lunch money.

(Brad) #12

Applewhite to LSU.

(Patrick) #13

Guessing Wilson from UTSA would be the top candidate there.


You can be very certain that LSU is looking for a replacement - TODAY! But, they will be looking for a winner; Applewhite does not qualify yet, alas.


They could hire the Troy coach.


That mistake sounds all too familiar. As in, 2 of our last 3 coaching hires were due to that strategy

(Bill F.) #17

So the guy who grew up in Baton Rouge, and played for UT is “one of our own”?

(Albert) #18

I don’t think applewhite is a candidate.

(Patrick) #19

(Patrick) #20

Lead sports editor of the Houston Chronicle (and Longhorn alum). A lot of what’s wrong with college football in that statement.