USF Crowd

(Brad) #1

That is your attendance for a top 20 undefeated team? Embarrassing. USF doesn’t deserve a winning football program.


Welcome to AAC football!


That stadium seats like 70,000 so there were more there than it looked like. It was raining. Still.

(Patrick) #4

Announced, 33,620.

(Eric Prado) #5

I just started feeling pretty bad for Charlie Strong. Poor guy hasn’t had a meaningful win in a long time.

(Patrick) #6

Strong is still the same. He puts together good teams, but can’t win the games he needs to.

(The Merry Prankster) #7

The ones who did show up wish they hadn’t. :wink:

(Patrick) #8


That’s part of the reason I’m glad we beat USF. They are not the flagship team of this conference that should be getting the attention. Their crowds for a ranked undefeated team are a total embarrassment.

Let teams like Houston, Memphis, Navy, UCF and even Cincinnati get exposure for the conference. At least those fan bases show up when their team wins


At the game, rained for some time. This is an NFL stadium, there are suites where fans can go to stay dry. Probably was over 30k.

(Chris) #11

It looked as if there were maybe 25k fans at most. 30k is way over stated.
Bottom line:
7-0 and you have so few fans showing up? This should be a clear signal that USF is far from getting invited into a P5.

(Jimmy Morris) #12

People that complain about USF attendance either have bad memories or don’t know our history. We were 7-0, ranked 18th and hosting Vanderbilt on Halloween night and didn’t have 30k in attendance. How about our attendance numbers in the Astrodome? In many of our best seasons in the SWC, our attendance was bolstered by UT and A&M fans bringing 20k of the 55k crowds and we would still average under 40k attendance for the season.

I guess we have to compare ourselves to programs 1/3rd our age to feel better on what little progress we have made in over 60 years.

I’m sure though guys, if we were playing a home game in Rice stadium, in the rain, on the last Saturday before Halloween, against an unranked team from out of state, we would have had at least 5k more in attendance. Kudos all around!

(PMM) #13

Kinda like us against Memphis.


There are empty seats everywhere. Herman is complaining about UT’s attendance and the lack of energy in the student section.


USF was already invites to a “P6” conference before when they left CUSA so don’t count them out.


Only 30 to 40 years ago. Why don’t you say Rice had great attendance in the 1950s too?

(J V ) #17

I loved the surrender cobra from their fans who did show up after King scored to take the lead. Lol


I read in the Tampa paper that the actual attendance was between 22,000 and 23,000.

(Chris) #19

Does it make it ok for USF having bad attendance because we had bad attendance in the Astrodome? By the way I was there for every game when I was still in Houston. This is 2017 not 1989 or even 1991. When we do not sell out I point it out. USF can’t get 20k people in the stadium while being 7-0? That is on the USF admin. I’ll give you a clear and concise example. Larry Lucchino “re-invented” stadium marketing. He has been a success at every MLB that he has been with. He thinks outside the box. Why don’t we? Make it an event. Drop ticket prices where you can. Have special promotions. Give away tickets to people that will be your fan base tomorrow. Is USF doing that? I highly doubt it? Are we doing it? I highly doubt it. I have been an alumni since 1994. I get mail for a new U of H credit card 198 times a year. How many times did I get an email to go see our School here in Arizona or on the West Coast? Zero, nada, niente, zilch times. I even met our new Alumni district lady. She has my credentials. Did I get an email for a local viewing party? Again nothing but no worries I make the effort to support our School. Remember the T-shirt that JJ Watt was wearing? I have been trying to find it. I can’t. Everybody wants it. Why is it that we can’t buy the design and sell a ton of shirts from it? Yes, I am an International Marketing major. I like to “sell” our School everywhere I go.
Games on Halloween? It is plain stupid. Every Team should fight having it scheduled on that day. Why you may ask? A five years old in the stands is OUR future. Having families coming to the games is our future. What do families do on Halloween? They trick or treat. Why would any Team want to have a game on Halloween night? espn wants it? Find somebody else. Ask a P5.
USF was 7-0. UCF should quickly analyze why USF had such a bad crowd. You want more fans in the stands? You adapt. You find workable solutions. You think outside the box.


Surrender Cobra on the field after 4 and 24 conversion…