Usf looks like poo poo

(Mitchell Patterson) #1

hopefully they can salvage a tough W at tulsa…

(J V ) #2

Yeah UH looked like a hot mess last week. Then turned it on.


It’d be nice if USF was ranked when they come here

(Nick K) #4

Soooo. We want USF to pull this out ?

(CoogNation_14) #5



No! We want everyone that we beat to beat everyone else they play.


No! I’d much rather play a ranked game in the future than have a team we already beat get the win.

(CoogNation_14) #8

True, but USF is the only ranked team currently on our schedule. So if they go down, that would hurt us. Imagine of Memphis wins that would just knock everyone out. So it’s hard to root for a particular scenario.

(Cary) #9

UCF is on my schedule. Let’s go Tulsa!


We just have to win, beginning with ECU. Then we get a few votes at 5-1 and roll to the next one.

(Nick K) #11

Looks like tulsa cratered in the 4th again
1 pt win for USF


#8 will run over you.


Everyone that plays Tulsa looks like hot mess at first. It seems it takes awhile to figure out their defense and they have a good ol.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

That makes sense for our OOC opponents. Not really thinking ahead on our conference opponents. It means you wanted USF to be unranked before we play them, Navy to knock off Cincy and both Navy and USF to knock off UCF so we are the only ranked team at the end of the year? hmmm