Ustccca rankings


For real? Can someone explain how Houston falls 3 spots to #8 behind Oregon, BYU and even carolinaA&T? So disrespectful to our school and our T&F program


To be honest, I don’t understand the ranking system for track and field. Men falling was odd and the women’s team has been ranked in the high 80s. Time to play with a chip on our shoulder come finals.


For sure, agree

I too try to follow and keep up with our track programs but I cannot comprehend about these rankings… when our A and B teams have been doing well at meets and clocking great times

(Patrick) #4

The rankings this week are basically worthless. Some conferences have already had their conference meets while some are still to come (like ours). Conference meets are where guys really start to go all out to put up top times as it is their last chance to qualify for regionals in some cases. These rankings would basically be like basketball polls moving mid-major teams up because they won their conference tournament during the 1st week of conference tourneys.

We’ll probably pass all those schools and get back in the Top 5 after this week.


Thanks Patrick, :muscle:t2: makes sense…

Will AAC meet count as an official qualifier for nationals ? If our athletes meet ncaa mĂ­nimums then they can skip regionals qualifiers?


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No, they’ll still have to go through the Regional site to qualify for the Championship. There are no automatic qualfiers except for heptathalon and pentathalon which don’t compete at regionals.


Thanks :muscle:t2: Again
When and where are regionals?
Which regional do we belong to? Are they open, i.e. we can go to the east regional or the north regional or the west regional ?
Paws :paw_prints: Up

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They’ll be from May 23rd to May 25th. One is in Jacksonville and the other is in Sacramento. Finals are in Austin (Jun 5-8)

Hard to tell which one the Coogs will be in since we’re in the center of both. Last year, Coogs went West and that’s where they’ll probably end up again.


Need good showing, in qualifying, to get as many bodies into ncaa championship… it’s not only quality but quantity as well because a 5th or 6th finish will score you points for the team title.

Are we favored again in the relays like in past years? 4x1? 4x4? 100m? 400m?
What happened to our relay team last time we lost against LSU?

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We’ll probably be among the favorites for the two relays; likely finish top 2 in both. What happened with LSU? We weren’t running our best squad that day, it was early in the season, and they were still ate up about Burrell showing them up last year. Coogs will have to bring it, but they usually do.

100m…Burke will get us a top 5 finish more than likely. Got a lot of guys that may qualify so maybe more will sneak through (Taylor, Ware, Alexander)

200m…not sure we score there; maybe Montgomery or Ignokwe can sneak in there

400m…Montgomery and Ignokwe will both score

110m hurdles and 400m hurdles…Lattin should score in both hopefully. Jordan may also score in the 400m hurdles (he’s been really impressive in outdoor this year).

Long Jump…hoping for another surprise like at Indoors. Jefferson and the freshman, McQuarter, will be in the mix. Really wish we still had Kerr.

Shot Put…Valencia is a wild card there

Decathalon…Mechler May be the key to winning it all. Kid is extremely talented and can earn some huge points if he’s on.

We’ll see if anyone else can join the guys listed above. We need everyone we can get as the margin for error will be thin again.


:paw_prints::muscle:t2::paw_prints: anyone for us in the high jump ?

What about our competition? I read Georgia will bring their field athletes that helped them win the championship last year… and TT also has a speedster that runs 100m, 200m, relays and long jump :thinking:

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Tech, LSU, Florida, and A&M are considered our biggest competition. Basically a toss up among the 5 right now.