UT-Austin President Greg Fenves broke school rules by flying on “premium airfare” tickets, audit finds

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If Khator had done this, the media, mainly our local rag, would be crucifying her

“The trips identified by the audit were taken for official university business,” Susswein said. “They were not paid for with tax or tuition dollars, but with gift funds specifically donated for presidential expenses. We acknowledge the audit results and the need to follow university rules.”

The February audit reviewed the travel expenses of Fenves and his spouse between June 2015 and June 2017 – a period in which Fenves also proposed back-to-back tuition increases for UT-Austin’s students. University officials said Fenves flew business class around 50 times during that span. His wife, Carmel, did so about 40 times.


Honestly, I think the chancellor/president of a major university should fly business class. I’m surprised UT has a rule against it. Does UH have the same prohibition?