UT-Houston for Sale

(Mark Jacob) #1

Looks like UT-Houston is done. Story in Chronicle this mornings Chronicle. Stand by for one more round of negative Chronicle editorials about how UH is hurting growth in Houston.

(Patrick) #2

Here’s the full article:

I think the editorials are done now ever since UH announced that they had been planning a data science center before the land was even purchased.

Of course, there were no editorials from the Longhorn in charge of the editorial department about how UH was doing a service to the city and how we should support UH after the announcement.

They also stopped talking to the Longhorn who was trying to profit off UT-Houston and was bad-mouthing UH in almost every article on the subject…David Wolff.

There was also no follow-up with the sellers, the Longhorns who made a killing by selling the land at a marked-up price.

They also never posted any land valuations from non-UT alumni who were in the business.

Nor did they follow up with anyone who could put a price tag on how much it was going to cost to clean up the land since it had been used as a chemical dump (estimates were pretty high). They also never posted how much it was going to cost to build the infrastructure considering that the land had no water, electricity or roads that would be able to handle what they were planning to do (Again, estimates were pretty high).

This would have been prime project for an investigative team to focus on, but the Chronicle doesn’t do that.

There are some unbiased outlets out there, it’s too bad that the Houston Chronicle has never been one when it comes to colleges in the state of Texas.


You have the beginnings of a great op-ed piece here. Please continue and submit It!


Maybe somebody could send above posting to john royal. See if he knows anyone who would be interested in some real journalism.

(Patrick) #5

I know a couple of guys. Maybe I’ll see if thryre interested.



Never - ever - trust the Comical or the whorns!

Get back to me when - and if - that land is sold to someone not connected to the whorns. Then we can talk.


How about the land goes to the University of Houston for free for the new medical school as compensation for lying, initial Big 12 exclusion, lying, a fraction of the money lost from Big 12 exclusion, lying, purchasing the land illegally with funds not “entitled” to them, lying, a second Big 12 exclusion, lying, stealing our coach away mid season, and…lying.


What about lying…and then there’s always the lying…


Thank you!!! I missed those, I appreciate you catching that.


Where are your priorities? We need it for tailgating!


I thought about that. I was thinking we could still leave an area next to the medical school for tailgating, and then ut could pay to have a rail built from there to the stadium that we could ride for free. But I figured we could ask for that whenever they steal our next head coach, lie some more, and exclude us from the big 12 again .

(Patrick) #13

Meanwhile, a task force led by Regent Jeffery Hildebrand has been charged with submitting a proposal in July for “divestiture” of 300 acres in Houston acquired by the system for about $210 million as part of a plan by McRaven to develop a campus of sorts. He dropped the plan amid opposition from some state lawmakers, some of the regents and public silence from Abbott that amounted to opposition as well.

Asked whether the system might retain some or even all of the property, Tucker replied: “I don’t know. I was asked, are there any elephants? Are there any sacred cows? I said there are no sacred cows. Give me the highest and best use for the marketing prospects and development prospects and come back to us.”

(Patrick) #14

Oh look, UT had a chance to help the city of Houston and decided against it…go figure.

Houston’s Chief Development Officer Andy Icken said in an email that UT regent Jeff Hildebrand, the founder and executive chairman of the Houston-based Hilcorp Energy Company, rejected Houston’s idea, in part because UT “was not prepared to commit” $25 million in infrastructure development on any large campus.

“We (did) have conversations with UT and Jeff Hildebrand specifically,” Icken wrote to Turner in an email. “Jeff did not want to put the land in the package as his charge from the Lege and Governor are to fully recover the (money) UT spent on the property. In addition, any large campus we offer requires a committed developer to put in sizable infrastructure. That is likely at least $25 million, and UT was not prepared to commit that.”

(Chris) #15

So uta is suppose to work in the best interest of Texas.
Houston is in Texas.
Amazon is a pretty attractive company to bring to Texas.
Houston was eliminated from consideration from Amazon.
Does uta work in the best interest of Texas?

“A UT System spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday morning”


Austin is still, in the race for Amazon. They were not going to help Houston.


UT-Houston was never about “helping” Houston. It was about hindering the advancement of the University of Houston.

(Chris) #18

I was being sarcastic. I have never expected anything but negativity from uta.

(Patrick) #19

A prior background memo for the task force said it would issue a preliminary report in May and a final report in July.

Regent Steve Hicks said at the meeting that the system should move quickly to sell the property to free up money for the UT System’s universities and health institutions.


be interesting to see who buys the property and for how much. My guess is it will be a UT alum and donor.