UT System pumped millions into its oil institute, then pulled the plug

(Patrick) #1

Oh look…more wasteful spending by the school in Austin. $12.8M down the drain. Add that in with the Tech institute that they pulled the plug on and that’s about $88M that UT has wasted. And here we sit with UH begging for money. $88M would have gone a long way at UH.


All the more reason schools like UH, Texas Tech, and UNT should receive some of that PUF money instead of UT and A&M receiving the majority. UT has too much $ for its own good.

Isn’t this the third time this year UT is closing a project they wasted millions on? (Could be an exaggeration)

(Patrick) #3

Nope, third time. Oil Institute, Tech Institute, and UT-Houston


Excellent, thank you.

Yeah that’s a lot of money to invest in and waste… hopefully we see some changes in university funding but for now it “remains to be seen.”

(VancouverCOOG) #5

These people are a joke; playing with public money like that.

They should be held accountable for this.

(itcoog) #6

Have they made any gains? Any gains that are made should be put back into the pot.

(Patrick) #7

Drawing in over $200M in Athletics, but they aren’t putting anything back.

New Regents have come in and are going to limit this type of spending going forward. Focus is supposed to be on current campuses rather than focusing on new projects.