UT/UTSA Series


UT signs a 10 year deal with UTSA. 5 games in alternating years, all at UT.

Series like this are why G5 schools cant get a home and home vs P5. Makes it tough to even get 2-1 or 3-1.

Almost makes we wish UTSA gets blown out every game. Almost…


(Patrick) #2

They cancelled a 2 for 1 with USF as well and made it a 1 game thing in Austin.


Fear is real!!!


UTSA will beat UT at least 1 time in the series. You read it here first.


Flashback to President Kennedy commenting why UT plays Rice. UTSA is the new Rice.

(Cristian) #6

The money stays in the system.

(Mike Higdon) #7

Makes me want UTSA to beat UT badly 5 times. But, if UTSA beats them a time or two, the series will be cancelled and UTSA will go on probation, and probab ly lose some state funding.


Not exactly the same…UTSA is in the UT system. Its an in-house decision. Its like us signing a 10 year deal with UH-Sugarland IF they ever got a football program.

Dealing with us, or any non-UT school, is another animal.

In fact wasnt it the leaders at Alabama that wisely decided they didnt need to have a Alabama-Birmingham program only to have pushback. Thats how strong the mothers schools are.

(Mike Higdon) #9

Does UT have say in which branch gets what?


Yes…they have a Board of Regents, just like us. President Khator is the chancellor of the complete UH system, with the main campus being the flagship. They decide how to allocate resources within the system .

Unless someone knows differently, i believe this is how it works


No surprise. UT does not know we exist.


Yet they are scared to death of us.


I guess some folks believe that…


Until they prove otherwise, yes they are scared of us.


That’s like saying we killed off all the elephants around campus because you don’t ever see any.


Bonghorns blow, always have and always will. NO ONE does less with more than those arrogant, self-entitled clowns


No argument there!


Or they will go Alabama route on UAB, and shut down the program…


we offered $2 million for a home and home and they refused. They are scared


Not in their interest. We knock off OU, Washington + MORE heavyweights and Garner national attention to the level of ESPN chiming in, “who the best in Texas is UH or ut?” and you’ll force their hand. Not easy but nothing worth doing ever is.