UT/UTSA Series

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UTSA every other year will make the season ticket holders real happy…hahahaha

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And the UT CAP students attending school in SA for a year can be happy.


Will A & M start playing PV so they can beat up on their sister school??? Will Texas add Texas Pan AM and UTEP next???


No - we (who have been around a long time & have paid attention) don’t “believe that”; WE KNOW IT!




It was created to give us Coogs a boogie man to focus our frustrations on. The topic has been discussed before and there is a large difference of opinion. Those that believe UT couldn’t care less about UH and those that believe we make them quake in their boots to the point that they won’t play us. I don’t believe that.


I like the fact that we are succeeding along our own path. We don’t NEED to play anybody. We aren’t beholden to anybody. We aren’t in anybody’s shadow.

Texas and A&M act like we don’t exist. Fine, in my mind they don’t either. They have no impact at all on what we do or our glide path. We are ONLY school in this state that can honestly say “yawn, we don’t need them”.


I agree up to a point. IF we are to get into the Big12 or the SEC it may require the support of UT or TAMU. Other than that, and the possibility we might need some help to get out of this crap conference, we are in control.

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The bottom line is this…we need Texas or agy as an ally…and they don’t need us…end of story…
Texas plays UTSA and wins big…but also remember that they just signed a pact to play Ohio State…
Face it, the P5 programs have everything to lose by playing us. Unless politics in Texas becomes involved we will not be playing Texas or A-M…
We need to forget about those folks and take care of our own destiny. We must win and we must draw crowds and increase our fan base…having a few more donors step up wouldn’t hurt…

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I don’t understand why people call this a crap conference when we’ve won it only once in football or basketball. The teams in our division are close for travel, except Navy in football, and all one has to do is look at our record against them to see they are very competitive. Our conference games have been very entertaining IMHO, except of course when we just suck some days.

Basketball is very good in the AAC and with the build up of Memphis and UConn looming, I expect to put 4 or 5 teams in the NCAA tourney annually.

I don’t really follow the non-revenue sports, but most don’t really base a conference’s desirability on them. However, I do know we do well in most and they provide an avenue to the NCAA championships if the teams are good enough.

Basically, we are not in a P5 conference because of lack of alumni and fan support at the games – not TV ratings. When we went to the Peach Bowl in 2015, we had plenty of empty seats at almost all games. You can’t blame it on the conference, we had the same problem in the SWC, go back and look at the home attendance for teams other than UT, aTm, and Ark; to say they weren’t well attended would be an understatement. The big crowds for UT, aTm, and Ark were mainly due to the opponents fans, not ours. How many times did we play them here and looking at the stands, one would think we were the visitors? Those numbers are why we were left out of the B12 as much as anything.

Any P5 conference we would get into will have weak sisters and our fan history shows we are very selective about who our fans will go out and watch. Oh, many may buy the season tickets, but they seem to stay home against the lesser teams.We have no one to blame but ourselves and until that is corrected, we should be happy to be in such a good conference as the AAC.


I would think there would be some UTSA folks making the trip to Austin.


Problem is that is they can play rice at reliant or play UH at TDECU stadium. Which one brings in more Texas fans? Which school is less demanding on stadium etc?


Texas has Alabama, Florida, LSU, Michigan, Ohio state, Georgia all schedule for future games. They are not scared of UH. They just rather have games in Austin or Reliant (see Rice Texas) then playing a 1 for 1 with UH.


Until they prove otherwise, they are afraid


until they prove otherwise, they are afraid

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UT would rather pay $2 million than play UofH.

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So simple economics: 100000 people at say $50 a ticket. Yeah, it is worth not playing on the road. Shoot, people on this board are complaining we only have 5 home games this year. Paying a team 2 million to show up is with the 5 million minimum in ticket sales before concessions, parking, advertising, booster money etc. Yeah, they should play more road non conference games.

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Good one


Yes. THEY ARE!!! Losing to those schools dont matter to them…Losing to Houston kills them…Yes TEXAS Is SCARED!!!


OH, uta DOES know that we exist - big time! They even tried to build ut-Houston to squeeze us into oblivion - I think that nightmare will return; you will notice that the land has not yet been sold!