UT/UTSA Series


Yes, lil old UH is hated by the Horns…I felt the hate in Houston. It is worse on Central Texas. Lived there for 5 years. UT and fans KNOW who we are!!!


I live in Georgetown and wear my Cougar t shirts all of the time. Trust me, the hate is real.

(Brad) #43

Do y’all honestly believe UH would agree to playing five road games at UT like UTSA has just done? UCF wouldn’t even agree to a 2 for 1 with Florida. UT is packing their home schedule, without have to go on the road to reciprocate, and giving payouts to UT system schools in UTSA and UTEP.

(John m Bevil) #44

UT did work in UTEP and Rice into the 5 home games with UTSA.


NOCoog85, never had the opportunity to meet you when I lived in Jarrell, TX. You are 100% correct.


My neighbor is from Wisconsin and her daughter is the UT Softball coach. One day I am doing lawn work in the front of my house. She comes over and asks “Why do you always wear Houston stuff and not UT?”, I asked her why I should, she responds with, “You live in the Austin area and should therefore support UT.” I asked her if all of the UT alums living in Houston should then wear UH stuff?" she responded by saying, “That’s different”

End of story.


Hopefully that was last conversation you had with your neighbor.

(KFD) #48

Is your neighbor brain damaged? Seriously.


LoL! Hey, there was a furniture place in Georgetown my wife and I visited years ago to look for furniture. My wife and I were both wearing UH stuff, but I had on a UH custom jersey that I bought from Rothers on UH campus. Instead of the guy trying to make a sale, he was too busy bragging to me about his #1 Horns (when Colt McCoy was QB) and how Houston would never be #1. Needless to say, wife and I left that place without giving our money for anything there. We are both proud UH Alumns…

(Dave) #50

Not certain what part of Austin you both live … BUT

Driving down my brother’s street in Austin near Brodie there are LARGE A$M flags… Auburn flags … LSU … and my brother flies his UH flag plus has painted the street edge UH colors …

Now that I think about it I don’t recall seeing ANY UT flags flying on his street or the nearby streets …


Interesting! I like the college spirit on that street but does Austin have any zoning laws or HOA?

(P5_OR_BUST) #52

UCF turning down UF 2-1 offer may make for a good story but it hurts UCF and does nothing to Florida.

If any G5 program wants to go to the next level, they make to make some concessions to P5 programs. Think of it as a down payment. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If UH does not want a 2-1 with UT, who does it hurt? UH or UT? UT can simply schedule Rice.

The issue is that the top G5 programs want P5 to treat them as equals, but the P5 have no reason or desire to do so.

(Randy ) #53

I think we would play UT at Reliant. Definitely as a one off neutral and probably as part of a 1:1 with a return game in Austin.


UT won’t play us at Reliant. They won’t play us at all.

For those who think UT isn’t ducking us, why is UT playing Rice at Reliant this year?


They won’t play us in ANYTHING unless they have to. Period.


Because Rice doesn’t make demands in terms of 1 for 1 games. When Herman left for Texas in exchange for no buyout Houston wanted a home and home series for basketball and football. No mention of them offering it at Reliant or Toyota Center. Rice says we’ll play at Reliant no problem. Texas plays UH in baseball and softball no issues. Why would Texas be afraid of UH if Texas has Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, and Florida scheduled for future games?


If we are willing to play Washington State and OU at Reliant, you don’t think would have played Texas at Reliant?


I agree with your assessment of our role in the quest for P5 status. Our fans just don’t show up regularly. My recollection of our games at Robertson in the early days and then in the dome are of lots of fans. At my age, I assumed if you weren’t wearing an opposing teams colors you were a UH fan. Naive on my part.
I still contend we are in a crap conference because I think the teams that comprise the conference are second rate and our record against them is nothing to brag about. Yes we have 2 years of success in basketball. 2 years. I could not care less about our conference opponents and go to games only out of love for the university and that hope that some day we can move upward. We have scheduled a couple of good non conference games in the last few years. I can get excited about OU and Washington State. They are quality opponents and OU is as good as it gets in my opinion but I’m sick of UTSA, La Tech, Georgia State and the like.
As for UT being afraid of us? I guess they are not afraid Alabama, Ohio State, LSU and others. That dog won’t hunt.

(Bryant Hargrave) #59

Yeah it isn’t far why UT won’t play us. I’m sure there’s a solid contingent on “nothing to gain, lots to lose” in there. But even bigger is that we probably try and negotiate as favorable a deal to us as possible. Like a 1 for 1 or more even have split if at Reliant.

The Rice’s and UTSA’s just say, “Tell us where to show up and make sure the check clears.”


Why does it always seem like Texas plays Rice in Houston but won’t play UH anywhere?