UT/UTSA Series


Spot on


Washington state game was scheduled for TDECU and got moved to reliant. Texas had already scheduled rice.


It is not that they are AFRAID of us; no, they just consider us to be so far below them that they don’t want to ever recognize us as anywhere near their equal. Now, to lose a game to us - well, that is just “unthinkable”! And, to make very sure that never happens - ever, they just play Rice instead.

Just forget about the whorns; that is just the way they are! To heck with them; let’s just play our own games and let them sit in the corner and play with themselves!


Spot on with all of your comments. I think the one other supporting fact that people are forgetting is when we tried to negotiate a one for one with the nullification of the ~$2 million fee for Herman.

I remember specifically that we offered to waive the ~$2 million fee for stealing Herman and in return we would get a one for one in football and they quickly declined.

So they would have saved ~$2 million and essentially make even more money from playing us. Considering how our fans showed up for OU, they would’ve definitely showed up for UT. Tired of people keep saying that our fans don’t show up. Get real, I saw that more than 50% of the stadium was filled by us when we played Oklahoma in the kick off bowl.


In that case your homework is to find out how much UT is making by playing Rice at NRG. I’m betting they make more than $2 million.

If UH offered to waive the $2 million AND gave the same terms that rice has given then UT left money on the table.

But I doubt it.

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I think Rice agreed to a 2:1 with the 1 at Reliant. No way we would go for that. I think we would do a 1:1 or one and done at Reliant though.

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They don’t wanna play the Gags either… they are chicken nugget scratch!


Indeed, they don’t! That is the one thing that I really admire the gaggies about; at least they cut the chord from the whorns.

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Why bring up what Rice does !!

It is irrelevant as they are prostitutes when it comes to scheduling against the so called big boys. It is all about the Benjamin’s !!


Because people claim Ut is scared of us but the reality is there’s a better option for them in Rice. Two for ones. Games at reliant instead of rice stadium. Etc etc.

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Rice IS irrelevant !!

I don’t like that we play them.


I don’t either, AND, if I had my way, we would never again even try to play the whorns - and, while we are at it, the gaggies!


So Texas is still mad at us for forcing them to play at Robertson Stadium in 2001 bleahergate game??!..Good!


Not that it matters but it’s not “Reliant Stadium” anymore. It’s now “NRG Stadium”.


Truth is NOT a claim…it is TRUTH!


No matter how often you claim it is truth, history in the past 18 years, proves otherwise.

On the football field: They own us by a lot
Financially: not even arguable that they make bank
Politically: their strength has waned since the 1990’s but they still have clout. We were able to block UT Houston but that was simply because regulation was on our side.
Recruiting: when UT is doing well they can grab almost anyone in Houston they want.

UH is to UT what UNT is to us.


I see what YOU are doing here, but I respectfully disagree. Now what you say is what UT wants, but again, not true.

The FEAR speaks for itself. Why do you think of all the SWC schools, UT hates us the most?

Believe what Eatemup and NOCoog85 and others are saying.


Don’t let those facts get in your way. We haven’t played them in 18 years so they are definitely afraid of us.
Wait, was that an elephant running across Cullen Blvd???


But I don’t think that at all. I don’t even think UT hates any of the other schools that used to be in the SWC.