UTSA Game gets local tv

Just saw on Chron.com that channel 39 will carry the game locally. Good to hear!


Nice, last year’s game against Lamar pulled a 2 rating and had 56K viewers on the same channel and beat out a number of other games (pretty amazing considering the long rain delay and the opponent).

This one, being on the road and in the evening, could do even better.

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Hopefully, although going up against FSU-Bama won’t do us any favors.

What channel is FSU on?

I think you may be surprised at how well we do against them. You are not talking about a national broadcast. Channel 39 is local only. Yes. There will be people watching the two powerhouse. There will be a lot of people flipping between the two games and a lot more than you may imagine will be watching UH and flipping over to FSU vs. Alabama. The only thing that could impact that would be if one of the games is a wipeout or really close.

Alabama will blow out FSU

Does 39 have a streaming option or will it by the start of the season? As a cord cutter I can use an antenna so it’s not a huge issue, but it would be nice.

I don’t see Bama/FSU being competition for eyeballs on this game.

Might be here:

I would imagine that the game isn’t available through Channel 39’s streaming, they likely have the streaming rights tied up through the network Channel 39 is getting the game from. I’m sure it is available though.

You’re right, forgot the game got picked up by Stadium as part of the CUSA deal. They stream via twitter. Link should be available around game time.


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Saturday, September 2
Alabama A&M at UAB, 3:30 p.m. ET
Houston at UTSA, 7:00 p.m. ET

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