Valenti School to host the Summit on Sports Media during Superbowl Week

From an email I received:

The week leading up to Super Bowl LI will witness a flood of communication professionals into the Houston area. During this exciting time, I am pleased to announce that the Valenti School of Communication is partnering with Leverage Sports Marketing to host the first annual Summit on Sports Media.

Sponsored by Comcast, this daylong summit will be held at the University of Houston on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. The Summit will feature journalists and strategic communicators from many well-known brands - such as the NFL, adidas, ESPN and Forbes. Through engaging talks and interactive panel discussions, topics explored will range from how interactive technologies like virtual and augmented reality are influencing the way major brands produce digital content to how those digital strategies impact audience engagement.
This will be an exciting, action-packed event.

For a list of speakers, the full event program and registration information, please visit

I hope you are able to join us for #SSMHTX!

All my best,
Dr. Temple Northup

Director, Valenti School of Communication


Video of the event - currently the audio is muted due to a copyright claim. No idea if it will come back.

Looks like Comcast donated $5000 towards a scholarship during the event:

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