Van Beck to miss SDSU game

(Patrick) #1

I’d be surprised if we see him play again. Too bad


Reading between the lines, I am guessing that his desire to play on senior day has come back to bite him. Looks like it may have been to early. I really hope he can come back earlier than expected…he brings a lot.


Don’t know exactly but it wasn’t much more than a couple minutes on Senior Day. It was a token appearance. Sure seemed like the first time he had to use the injured hand it hurt badly. He came out immediately. Feel really bad for Wes that he has invested so much, busted his tail, and now he can’t participate. We could use his skills! Heal quick Wes!

(gpropes) #4

I was watching Van Beck in the pregame warmup. He handled the ball almost exclusively with his non-injured hand.

This is speculation, but I don’t think he re-injured or worsened the injury in the game. I think his injury was already that bad, but he toughed it out in order to start on Senior Day. Once the ball hit his injured hand, it was game over.