Veterans Day


To all COOG veterans thank you for all you’re doing and have done for us and our country. SEMPER-FI.

(Chris) #2

Thank you to our veterans without you none of us, none of the Western world would be free today.

(Mike Higdon) #3

You’re welcome.


Well said, I too would like to say thank you. Everything that I have and enjoy in my life is made possible by those that have risked everything and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Sincere thank you for everything.

(Cary) #5

Thank you for your support and thank you to all my fellow veterans.

(Ryon Adams) #6

Thanks to everyone for your support. I’m technically not a Veteran…YET, but I will be next summer when I retire from the armed forces.

(Patrick) #7

Thank you to all my fellow vets. Sort of miss being in, and sort of don’t, but what made it special were the ones I served with.