Vic Koennig

He’s in some hot water with players at WVU.

Not smart if allegations true. In today’s society that stuff gets you in trouble and he should know that.

You cannot call anyone a retard. That is not cool.

But a college coach states a political view? A high school coach says that coach is a ‘slave master’. The college coach also quotes the Bible.

I don’t see the issue. That is the issue these days.

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You cannot express certain scientific facts on this board, ironically because the opposition politicized the science.


Can’t find anything on this at all…

Look for Vic Koenning

(I’m a distant cousin of the Koenning coaches. I’m from the side that pronounces it correctly).

What happened to “sticks and stones”? Upset about that? Sheesh.


He’s a distant cousin to Les.

Coach didn’t always use “Good golly Ned”.

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Yeah, sometimes he used, “hard cheese.”. Shot you aren’t suggesting he ever used strong language? :grinning:

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Sometimes when he really got mad he would scream “Get your fanny out here now!” Good golly Ned

It went out the window with time outs and everyone gets a trophy and pushing kids to the next grade when they haven’t earned it.


Mike, Coach only used other colorful language when Darrell Sheppard parked his car in Coach’s parking spot.

On the beach reading the book “Stalingrad”. Jeez Louise, the definition of being tough has sure deteriorated in a couple of generations


No doubt about that. All of those prior cultures and times in history would laugh hard at our weasel culture of today.


This is always generational, the ones before always think the next ones are incredibly soft. Weirdly enough, it’s usually the byproduct of the previous generations work to make the next generations life easier.

Now would I use Stalingrad as my focus point. No, two totalitarian monsters in a war of annihilation with no regard for anyone, and if weakness was shown the soldiers and their families would be killed isn’t the best example of general toughness when huge amounts of it was coerced.

Not according to the book. Yes the Ruskies shot deserters but Germans it was “allies” that were coerced.

I recommend the book strongly. I’m going to read his book about The Ardennes next

Maybe I have my timeline wrong but I know a lot of Soviet toughness came from Stalin’s order 227 (feel free to correct that number I have no reference right now). But it was a legit “not one step back” order even going as far to create blocking units to prevent retreat and that all captured Soviets were in fact traitors.

Fun fact: Stalin’s own family got caught up in that order his son/son in law was captured and his daughter/in-law was sent to a labor camp.

Nazis v Communists…right wing extremists v left wing extremists…on one hand you had a country ruled by a madman who thought his extremist policies were so absolutely correct that the destruction of property and the killing of millions of people were a small price to pay to usher in his vision of utopia. Any person who disagreed was eliminated. The general populace was kept under control by fear and media propaganda…on the other hand you had the same thing…hmmm I think I will ponder these historical facts.

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