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What was the purpose of this thread?..sorry I’m lost.

^^^ What was the purpose of that post?

To figure out what was going on about Vic Koening!

Well I’ll catch you up then.

Vic was busted for using the word “retarded”. Which isn’t cool, I think that’s been a consensus so far. He also brought his politics on current racial events into team meetings. His politics did not agree with the players who reported him and I think at least one has everything the portal could be wrong on that though.

So now it’s kind of a debate of soft vs. not soft. Personally, I think it’s a combination of it is a bit soft of the players unless what he was saying was blatantly degrading and racist. But I haven’t seen that yet. I also think Koenig was an idiot for bringing his politics to work, 1st in general I think it’s a bad idea. 2nd He couldn’t have been so dumb to believe that his young black players were going to be real thrilled hearing his conservative viewpoints where we’re at right now. That stuff is in him IMHO.


Thank you so much! Lol cant disagree with much you said!

I didn’t see where Koennig brought his politics to the office from the stories. I did see that he gave his opinion and agreed that the police were right with whatever protests they were discussing over a collaboration tool that they had the right to get physical with the protesters. There was no clarification in the articles whether they were talking very broadly about all protests or a specific incident where there was some rough activities between police and protesters.

The player took offense to the coach’s comments and asked to talk to him after the meeting. Supposedly they spoke over the collaboration tool after the meeting and Koennig clarified his position and they resolved the issue. Then a day later the player appeared to respond on Twitter calling out Koennig for insensitive comments over a period of time and without any detail (except for being told his beliefs were retarded some time ago) and that is where the current situation initiated. I got the impression that the “retarded” term use was in a small team discussion about religion (not politics) where Koennig referred to the player’s beliefs as being “retarded”.

So far, unless further details come forward, my perception of what I have read is that Koennig may have been a bit insensititive in the past, but the player is probably being too sensitive also.

The one red flag to me is that the player claimed that his high school coach once referred to Koennig during the recruiting process as a “slave master” or something like that. The player’s HS coach absolutely denied that he never, ever would have referred to Koennig with such a term. Somebody is lying on that front.

According to the player, Koenning was talking about Trump and said he should “build the wall and keep Hispanics out the country” while in a meeting that included a Hispanic player.

He says the retarded comment was made on the field after the player made a mistake.

The player’s tweets also say that Koenning, after learning that the player had converted his religion, pulled the player into his office on multiple occasions to talk about religion, gave him a book about how to find Christ and read scriptures to him from the bible.

The player’s name is Kerry “KJ” Martin Jr. if you want to read the tweets for yourself.

OK - thanks.

I had been relying upon multiple articles and only looked at the initial Tweets of the complaining player. I read that he has had religious discussions and had referred to a player’s religous beliefs as being “retarted”. But nothing on the political side that I saw. Until things are validated, I don’t believe political discussions (unless there is a team rule) would be an issue. Religion oriented negative comments would be more likely to get him in trouble. Lots more to come out and requiring validation.

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I checked out “Kerry “KJ” Martin Jr” twitter. Besides claming that Vic Koenning says insensitive things per his claims, he doesn’t really clarify much. He pointed to Koennig’s being behind building a wall on the southern USA border and Martin believes that is racist. Plenty of WVU supporters are calling him out for not agreeing with some of his coache’s political or religious beliefs.

So far besides the “retarded” comment, there doesn’t appear to be much here. There may be something here, but the details will need to surface. It still sounds like to me that Koennig may be a little rough around the edges (like a lot of football coaches) but the player appears to be overly sensitive and he is getting support from other players. The times we live!

Player sounds bitter to me, but hey, I guess we should also always believe the player especially on twitter lol…

Maybe the player is bitter, I don’t know. Maybe he isn’t being truthful, I don’t know. You are more than welcome to draw your own conclusions. I don’t have a dog in the fight. But what I do have is an internet connection and a search engine that allows me to look up what someone actually said rather than relying on articles or conjecture about what they said. I was responding to a couple of points that snowskier made about (i) Koenning not bringing politics to the office (building the wall is pretty clearly a political issue) and (ii) the retarded comment being made in a small team discussion about religion (the player says it was made on the field). I mentioned the religion issue because snowskier mentioned religion, and I thought it was appropriate to give accurate context regarding that aspect of the player’s tweet. If you haven’t figured it out yet – and you probably haven’t because I don’t post/comment much – my posts on Coogfans are almost always trying to clarify facts (in this case, what the player said vs. snowskier’s description of what he said).


I was just accurately communicating what I was reading in about three different articles on the subject. His Twitter account really didn’t clarify much for me except for seeing directly with how his teammates were responding (in support) and how it appeared that a handful of their fans were responding (questioning why he was getting upset over political or religious beliefs of a coach).

The red flag to me was his HS coach that said he never referred to Koennig as a “slave owner mentality”. Somebody is lying.

This is another article speaking to HS coach and player dissagreeing on the “slave owner” comment. Either way, Koennig wasn’t involved in this coversation but the player appeared to be using the comment to justify possibly his own beliefs.

The player always has the option to leave !

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