Victory Monday for Basketball

(Dustin K) #1

So, Cougar Pride has been doing a Victory Monday campaign for football to get people to donate the dollar equivalent of the point difference after we win. So, question for you, what would you do that would be similar?

My idea would be $3 for 3. So people would pledge to donate $3 for every 3 point shot made during the season. No idea what out average is on 3 point shots but it seems like it would be an approachable campaign.

Any other ideas? Or ideas for other sports?

(Patrick) #2

I’d probably just go with score differential again. The Coogs might beat some of the cupcakes on the schedule by 20+ points and the Coogs will probably win 20+ games again which is double the amount of games the football team plays.

Not sure I’d do $3 for 3’s as the Coogs hit 268 three pointers last year which would equal $804 over the course of the season. Not a lot of folks that could afford that, especially with a team that will probably hit more 3’s this year.

Some ideas for the other sports:

  • Soccer - too late for this, but maybe next year, $1 per goal scored
  • Volleyball - $1 per set won
  • Cross Country - $1 per Top 10 finish
  • Swimming and Diving - $1 per first place finish (Could get expensive with as strong a team as we have)
  • Golf - $1 per top 10 finish (players), $5 if team finishes first in tourney, $3 for 2nd, $1 for 3rd
  • Basketball - $1 per point won by
  • Track and Field - $1 per first place finish (Like swimming, could get expensive with our team)
  • Tennis - $1 per match won + $1 for how much team won by
  • Baseball/Softball - $1 for score differential in win (lot more games and we’ve got some good teams)


Last year, $3 per 3-pointer made would have come out to $804.

(Dustin K) #4

I figured that with the number of the games, the score differential would add up fast but maybe not as fast as the 3 pointers. I guess it just depends on how close the games are.

(Nick K) #5

soccer should be 10 bucks per goal and 5 for a scoreless tie. ain’t a whole lot of scoring in soccer.