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For Texas Tech. I am purchasing a ticket through stub hub and want to be as close to the Cougar section as possible.

I purchased a plane ticket to Amarillo round trip for 278 today. Quite a bit cheaper than a flight to Lubbock.

Our tickets are in sect. 111…

Thank you. My cousin is in med school at Tech and wants me to sit in the student section with him. I don’t think so. Lol

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Yeah, you should politely decline that offer.

unless he likes tortillas

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I think tortillas would be the best thing he would get out of that experience. :grin:

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You do realize it is 123 miles from Lubbock to Amarillo? Kind of like flying to College Station to watch the Coogs play.

Yes. However I am staying free in Amarillo and the flights are quite a bit cheaper there.

Seeks like a wash in exoenses and an additional 3-4 hours driving .

Hey, you are making the trip, that is awesome!

unfortunately they dont have a vistor section. i asked several tech fans and even they dont know. im sitting in section 116.

also if they throw tortillas at me at the game they wont live to see graduation.


123 miles up there is about an hour’s drive for a High Plains Drifter.

“I’m doin 120 plowin over mailboxes
Radar detector to tell me where the cops is”


Git -r-dun Timmy

278 round trip? it was 297 on sw to lubbock.

lol - They have visitors’ sections. They’re in the NE and SE corners, probably in 13, 113 and 122. They may have reconfigured somewhat, but probably not.

The visiting band normally sits in 13 - not sure if ours is traveling, though.

i think some will travel. the full band will probably go to the smu game.

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I am in 116 as well.

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nice! I’m in row 3

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