W.Golf Ready for The American Championships (Coogs are champions! Harm takes individual title)

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Live Scoring Golfstat
Lineup Leonie Harm
Hannah Screen
Maria Jose Martinez
Amanda Elich
Maddy Rayner
Time Sunday, April 14 • 18 Holes
7 a.m. (CDT) off No. 1
First-Round Pairings
Monday, April 15 • 18 Holes
7 a.m. (CDT) off No. 1
Tuesday, April 16 • 18 Holes
7 a.m. (CDT) split-tee start
Location Conservatory Course
Hammock Beach Resort
Palm Coast, Fla.
6,276 yards • par 72

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Golfstat rankings going into the tourney:

Houston 34
UCF 51
ECU 55
SMU 61
Memphis 65
USF 84
Tulsa 86
Tulane 97
Wichita State 146
CIncy 153

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Taking a page out of the Swimming and T&F books:

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Coogs are 3 holes in and have already increased their lead to 12 strokes. This is a butt whooping.


Unlike the men, who early on are in 9th place in a VERY mediocre Bayou City Classic field. It’s early and hopefully they will pick it up as the day goes on.To be fair, they are only 5 shots back, and slow starts are the norm for them this year.

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20 stroke lead heading into the final day. Harm still Tied for the lead by 1 stroke; Martinez and Rayner Tied for 3rd.

Just complete domination by the ladies.

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Live video


The women’s UH golf team won by 30 stokes. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

Hope Coach Dismuke is taking notes on how to put a team together…

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GooseCreekCoog said “The women’s UH golf team won by 30 stokes. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!”

and I’ll add Leonie Harm was the Individual AAC Champion at 8 under par. GO LADY COOGS and on to the NCAA tournament.

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5th conference title for Cougar athletics this year. I think we’ll end up with at least 7.