Wade Phillips Book

If you haven’t seen, Wade’s written a book:


If anyone hears of any dates on which Wade might be appearing somewhere to sign his book, please post it. Thanks, Mike

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Alright–just looked this up on Amazon.

It’s not scheduled for release until May 2, 2017, hence no signings any time soon.

Here’s the link on amazon if you want to put it on your wish list.

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Nice! Easy 10 drive from work. Sending myself a calander invite now!

Book excerpt:

Google Search Link: https://www.google.com/search?q=In+new+book,+Wade+Phillips+shares+stories+of+his+unique+football+life

“I want people to know about my relationship with my dad,” Phillips said during a book signing at the Barnes and Noble location in River Oaks earlier this month. "It’s rather unique, I think.

"It’s kind of a Texas-loves-football story, and a football-loves-Texas story. Football’s just so big in Texas. Obviously, our family’s involved with football and has been for a long time.

“What makes our story unique is that I played high school football (Port Neches-Groves) for my dad. Then I played college football (University of Houston) for my dad. Then I worked with him for 10 years (Oilers and New Orleans Saints). That just doesn’t happen normally.”

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