Walk-on Tryout Procedures Announced 2018

Anybody got any eligibility left?

Prior to attending the Sept. 5 meeting, interested students must ensure that they are currently enrolled in 12 hours on the UH main campus. Students who meet that criteria must then fill out the Tryout Compliance Review form and bring it with them to the Sept. 5 meeting.

Eligible students who complete the criteria above will be notified by a coaching staff member of the future time, date and location of on-court, walk-on tryouts and other necessary steps.

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16h16 hours ago
L.Smith Retweeted Houston Men’s Hoops :basketball: :paw_prints:
Hi my name is Danny Smith and Im enrolling tomorrow. Would be an honor to walk on the team… is #23 available by chance?..


Boogie on over to the tryouts. You’re up next after Gob Ray.


There’s a young exchange student named Akeem who has a year of eligibility left I believe? I think he’s from Zamunda? :joy::joy::joy:


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