Walk On WR


Great family and got some help from a favorite Coog to get offered a slot. We need all the speed we can find.


All Conference High School Varsity Wide Receiver, 4.4/40, All State 100m Sprinter
Must have been overlooked due to having to go to JUCO?
Anyone know his recruiting status out of HS?

No, but I was scrolling through our roster at lunch and there are a number of people who weren’t on it at the start of camp including Dixie Wooten. It doesn’t say anything about his transferring from Blinn only that he is a redshirt freshman. Maybe someone goofed in the personnel office?

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Nothing on 247 from 17 or 18.

lol Let’s hope not. If he’s a red shirt freshmen that’s huge for our O-Line going into 2019.

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If we’re talking about Dixie, he’s a redshirt freshman this year, but will use a year this year even though he’s not going to play. He transferred to Blinn in the Spring and summer to get his grades right and was allowed back.

Got it. So he’ll still have 4 years left then?

No he’ll be a redshirt sophomore next year so he’ll only have 3.

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