Warren Nolan simulated brackets

Something fun and a distraction from all the craziness. Warren Nolan used his simulator to play out all the conference tournys and made a corresponding NCAA bracket based off the results…he is going to use the simulator on that as well. Here is a link to his twitter for anyone who is interested in checking it out…had the coogs winning the conf tourny over Witchita State in a close game. Has the coogs has a 7 seed playing the hoosiers in the first round.


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You knew this was coming. I’m surprised it took so long.

I’ll be watching :sunglasses:

7 seed vs Indiana

3-bid league!

The computer prolly won’t let us beat Duke in the round of 32, but if we did that’s a clear path to Elite 8 against the Zags.

Can we just post the actual link? I’m not really even on twitter (have an account just to look at stuff), and I’m not even sure what to click on. And I’m internet literate, I just hate twitter with a passion (because it sucks SO HARD).


Do you hate Googling too? I am super excited for this. It appears the simulations will be real time which is awesome. Only wish they had player stat simulations too.



Not sure why that comment was offensive and got reported? That’s about as lame as it gets. Twitter links lead to a whole twitter feed. Yes, I can google, but if you’re gonna post a link, why not post a good one? Whatever.

Mark Zuckerberg has bots that scan the web automatically flagging anything that insults his empire. (Joking but probably true.)


I have seen 2 other sims and uhm I didn’t like the results (Coogs lost in the first round)…let’s try again.

Xavier beats Stanford in OT! Cincy takes on NC State tomorrow.

Prairie View just lost.

Cincy advances

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We play Indiana on Friday. I’ll be pissed if the sims have us losing.

And that’s how we know it’s fake.


C’mon…this isn’t Cronin’s Bearcats. It could happen…maybe…in a simulation.


well we got upset

No we didn’t! Didn’t Sampson hit the resetbutton so it would not happen and try again?

Coogs beat Marquette today( 8vs9) in Lunardi’s bracket.
Play Kansas next.

Marquette was solid this year

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