Was it my imagination ? ? ? ??

During the game, I looked up and the entire offensive line was laying flat on the ground, or did I just imagine it ? ? ? ? ? I’ve not watched the game replay to verify, but I do remember thinking, WTH ? ? ? ? ?

Yes, they all dove at the d line’s feet with four receivers up top. I think it was a trick play of sorts to cause confusion.

yes that was funny!!! also whn their center slapped Ed

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They did something like that in the Rice game too in a quick pass play.


Clemson did it to in the A&M game…apparently some kind of chop block technique/strategy?

Rice used to cut block all the time. Typically it’s used by OL on aggressive DL or when you’re overmatched. It’s legal at the LOS between the tackles.

I noticed it too and was surprised when I saw it. It was obvious it was a called for everyone to block that way.

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Here’s the play in question…

Man, watch the receiver blocking on that play. Awful. 3 WRs and not a single DB got blocked. Luckily, TTech’s DB’s can tackle that well.

Can they “block” while the ball is in the air ? ? ? ? ?

They didn’t even set themselves up to be in position to block. They just wandered over towards the DBs like ‘hey, howya doing, can I interest you in not paying attention?’

Still not sure why he got the penalty !!

Bryson and Lark looked completely confused. When the ball was in the air, at least Corbin turned toward one back to make a block but he was already running by. Bryson and Lark literally avoided contact with the guys in front of them.

Maybe the original play was suppose to be a pump fake on the screen and he was so wide open he threw it anyway?

With the lead at 24-0, might as well do some prep for Temple and Navy.

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