Was it my imagination ? ? ? ??

(Ben) #1

During the game, I looked up and the entire offensive line was laying flat on the ground, or did I just imagine it ? ? ? ? ? I’ve not watched the game replay to verify, but I do remember thinking, WTH ? ? ? ? ?

(PortlandCoog) #2

Yes, they all dove at the d line’s feet with four receivers up top. I think it was a trick play of sorts to cause confusion.


yes that was funny!!! also whn their center slapped Ed

(Dustin K) #4

They did something like that in the Rice game too in a quick pass play.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #5


Clemson did it to in the A&M game…apparently some kind of chop block technique/strategy?


Rice used to cut block all the time. Typically it’s used by OL on aggressive DL or when you’re overmatched. It’s legal at the LOS between the tackles.

I noticed it too and was surprised when I saw it. It was obvious it was a called for everyone to block that way.

(Brad) #8

Here’s the play in question…


Man, watch the receiver blocking on that play. Awful. 3 WRs and not a single DB got blocked. Luckily, TTech’s DB’s can tackle that well.

(Ben) #10

Can they “block” while the ball is in the air ? ? ? ? ?


They didn’t even set themselves up to be in position to block. They just wandered over towards the DBs like ‘hey, howya doing, can I interest you in not paying attention?’

(PMM) #12

Still not sure why he got the penalty !!

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Bryson and Lark looked completely confused. When the ball was in the air, at least Corbin turned toward one back to make a block but he was already running by. Bryson and Lark literally avoided contact with the guys in front of them.

Maybe the original play was suppose to be a pump fake on the screen and he was so wide open he threw it anyway?

(Dan) #14

With the lead at 24-0, might as well do some prep for Temple and Navy.