Washington DC - New Name

If it becomes a state, it can’t be named Washington.

Since the land used to belong to Maryland, South Maryland?

Washington Douglas Commonwealth

Naming it after Frederick Douglas.

We already have the name…Columbia.

Washington, District OF… COLUMBIA


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Not going to happen without a constitutional ammendment

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This is very special and unique thing that hasn’t happened in my lifetime.
I was not aware a constitutional amendment was required. All I could find was the
Alaska and Hawaii admission in 1958. Back then it looked like it was just votes in the
territories and congress plus presidential signature.

Unlikely to get past a Senate filibuster, and even if it did, any act to this effect might be subject to a court battle on its Constitutionality. Query: if the Constitution created D.C. as a non-state under direct Congressional control (which it did), is a constitutional amendment required to change that status, as opposed to a mere Act of Congress? I think it’s an interesting legal question.

Cool. And Puerto Rico ?

Making Puerto Rico a state wouldn’t require a Constitutional amendment, but it’s only very recently that such a proposition has had more support than Commonwealth status there.

Again though…gotta get past the Senate filibuster.

We have hispanic children in cages at the border. Do you really think this administration can pull off Puerto Rican statehood without it looking like pure politics. Gerrymandering by statehood.

Oh yeah give me the sanctimonious “that tribe is the enlightened good guys”. Please.


We have Washington Football Team.

Why not have Washington Land State?

I’ll take Red Scaring the Dummies for 200 Alex

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d.c., the ultimate swamp insult wants to become its own state. THEIR ARROGANCE HAS NO LIMITS
At least this piece of @#$h madoff got caught. 3/4 of the d.c. swamp should be in jail for embezzlement.

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What’s arrogant about over 700,000 US citizens wanting
full representation in a representative democracy ? Thats
a greater population than some states.

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Maybe make all Federal grounds Washington, D.C.- property of the federal government but make the actual city a city State with its own name. This way they will get their 2 Senators and Congress Representatives for the 700k that would live and work in the actual city.

Simular to the Vatican City being an independent boundary within the city of Rome but not part of it.

As opposed to all the gerrymandering that gave the states away years ago. Selective outrage and memory.

Never mind the delusional lies about voter fraud.

Just make it part of Maryland and be done with it.

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In Federalist paper #43, the Founding Fathers spelled out why DC shouldn’t be a state, so obviously, those concerns were greater than any concerns about representation.

Query: would the Dems still be pushing for this if DC were 91% Republican instead of 91% Dem?

Of course not. So they can spare everyone the bogus outrage about representation.

Were it Republican, they’d probably be looking at the Federalist Papers and Constitution instead.

It’s a power grab. Let no one pretend it’s anything else, given that.


Don’t make us do it.

That would be 10 senators.

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You know I’ve been wondering this along…Texas has always had the power to have 5x the senators.

But its a big assumption to assume they will ALL be Red. If Houston became one of these 5 new states…I seriously doubt it’s a slam dunk that they get Republican senators every single time…and they definitely would not be as far right wing as out current reprentatives.

I think they know this and that x5 plan would most likely back fire.


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