Watch Cougar games on ROKU

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Pro tip if you have a roku and uh all access. You can add the live sports channel on your roku. Log into your all access and enjoy a cougar baseball. The video is not hd but it’s still pretty cool.

Houston vs. HBU (L 3-1)
(Patrick) #2

:grin: I just figured this out like a week ago


I’ve been watching on Roku since last year.

They’ve improved the audio this year. Last year it sounded like a record changing speeds over and over during the ads or any time there was music.

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What is the name of the channel to search?

(Patrick) #6

College Sports Live

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Is today’s game v Rice still on cuz of weather?

(Patrick) #9

Most of the rain is northwest of Houston right now so they should be able to get it in. If the game goes long, things might get interesting.

(Mark Jacob) #10

It’s on and really nice out here. 2-1 Coogs top of the 4th.

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