Watched the 66-15 Beat down

It was a couple of years after my graduation and work took me to Phily. What a great game and all of that talent! Does anyone have that game where we won 60-40 I think in 1987? I think that was the year that the Run and Shoot jelled.


R&S started in 1987, but really didn’t start gelling until 1988 after Ware took over full time.

60-40 was a total anomaly in 1987 for scoring. We scored 4 TDs on INT returns


I was at that game. Funny part to me, besides the complete ineptitude of the entire ut team, was that every close officiating call seem to go UH’s way.,needless to say, a rarity in Austin.

It was like the ut power brokers wanted to build a case to get rid of their coach (McWilliams, I think)…even to the point that they didn’t even bother to BUY OFF the officials BEFORE the game…as was usually the case in Austin !!!

Was also easy to get out of the stadium and on our way AFTER the game as the ut patrons had mostly left by halftime…another ut tradition !


Do you readers NOW UNDERSTAND why uta does not want us in their conference?


Because we beat them like a drum every year and have a winning record against them? No, that’s not it.

By your reasoning UT will stay in the big 12 because every other conference has had a team that humiliated them on the field.

EatEmUp again you are right on the money. I find it incredulous that some choose to ignore the facts. We do have trolls that choose to pollute this great website. Unfortunately trolls are like cockroaches they keep coming back often under an alias.
U of H Alums or fans EatEmUp and others have taken the time to contribute their immense knowledge of our history. You may choose to visit Classic Stories and UH History or not but please do not post false narrative or idiocies. History by definition does not lie. When an individual or in this example a University (uta) engage in a repetitive behavior. There is a reason behind it.


If, in fact UT has always been determined to keep UH down. UT will never then allow UH to be in the same conference. The reason being that UT will one want a patsy it can control, and 2 UT will never really trust UH.

UH will never again be UTs patsy, and frankly UT will have every reason not to trust UH, because very rightly UH will do everything it can to be as independent of UT as possible.

I second you, eatemup and others are spot on. I try to soak up all the info they give us…from the past!

Thank you Derrick. I am an optimist that is why I encourage posters to at least try and look back. Many posters are there to just frustrate us. That is fine we always have to take the bad with the good,lol.


Being delusional doesn’t help UH get ahead. Denying that our record in the SWC was average, at best, to instead say that everyone is afraid of us does nothing for th cause. On the contrary, it paints the fan base as paranoid.

I dont know if i would say average. Up and down might be more appropriate. We did tie with UT for 2nd most Cotton Bowl appearances. 3 times we finished ranked when we didn’t make the Cotton Bowl.


Sooo…back to the original question, does anyone know where I can watch the 1987 game?

Not sure…maybe ut bought the YouTube rights and destroyed them !!!

I wouldn’t put it past them. I have that game locked in my memory, we were down big time and it was JJ and his 3 interceptions returned for TD’s that sparked our comeback. The whorns were in heaven thinking they were trouncing us only to have it turn into their worst hell. I loved it.

If there is one constant in life it is this – UT cannot be trusted. Ever. For anything. They will always do their best to undermine everything UH. They are the evil empire.

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We won 66 to 15, and I don’t think we really played all that well.


Just imagine what we would have accomplished without the uta/atm ncaa sanctions? These two Schools knew exactly what they were doing.

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We didn’t, but ut did play as well as they could !!!


The real reason Texas went after SMU, Houston et al was due to how bad they had become. The UT football program was horrible from 1983 until Mack Brown.


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