Wazzu fans say we're gonna shred their defense

And people over here are saying vice versa. Who’s right?

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The team that gave up the least amount of passing yards past 2 games.

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the offense we’ve seen in the first two games isn’t going to shred anything…


We are right but I hope we will be wrong.

Our offense has been inconsistent and error prone while they are scoring 58.8 pts per game. God, I hope Wazza fans are right.


I think most will agree it will be a high scoring game. Which Cougars can get more stops? That is the key.

Wazzu fan here. I come in peace!
Should be a high scoring game. Our D looked like crap against N. Colorado. They’re a Big Sky bottom dweller and pretty much ran at will the first half. We lost a couple key guys from last year and it shows. If King is on his game it will be a 64-59 game. If not, you may have a hard time keeping up with our O.
Should be a fun game to watch!


You have nothing to worry about if we play like we did the first half of OU and last half of PV or if they contain King. May the least horrible defense win


If CDH doesn’t take the ball and chain off King and let him run, there’s no way we’re keeping up.

Our defense under performed last week. The front had several missed gaps and the backfield was out of position most of the night. If we don’t right that ship you’ll hang a bunch of yards on the ground and conversely keep the ball out of our offenses hands. The key to beating a Leach team is ball control. Everyone knows it and that’s why the defense is so critical to our success. If I’m Holgerson I’m going to run till we adjust then try to exploit our suspect backfield.


Sounds like a good plan, plus we get our top back, back this game. I am all for rushing for 400 yards.


Maybe we’ll run the ball 50 times.

That’s a healthy per carry average. I’m up for it.

Welcome to Coogfans. You are correct. Running as much as we can is obviously in the cards. You also know that Leach has a direct connection with our Coach. This in itself will be worth watching for anyone that loves coaching. My in laws went to your School so you can imagine my feelings. By the way did you know the history that connects us?

Yea one of your first coaches went to Wazzu at some point and suggested the Cougar mascot, correct? And we both have elitist, entitled, arrogant rivals too!


I think it was the first president of the university or maybe our first athletic director was WashSt alum and thus named us the Cougars.


In addition to Wash State there is a tie to St Louis University for UH.

Excerpt below:
After his career at Tennessee, Bender served as a physical education instructor at the University of Houston. During this time, Bender also coached a volunteer football squad of students for the school. He named them the Cougars after his Washington State team. In turn, the college’s newspaper, The Cougar , followed suit when choosing its name. The university’s athletics teams remain known as the Houston Cougars today.


Let’s turn King loose and play some back yard ball. That’s his game.

Dear 79: You had me at “…And we both have elitist, entitled, arrogant rivals too.”

Buy this man a beer !!!:beer:


I think he also coached Houston JC in baseball. The players were awarded purple and white letter sweaters. I have the column from an old Houston High School newspaper from about 1929.

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With what?